Kitchen is almost done!

Dsc 0001-39Over the past couple weeks we have been slowly collecting all the pieces to do the next major section of cabinetry in our kitchen, and it's finally done. The new part is the section with the MUSMIG oven and Bosch cooktop. Like the rest of the kitchen we used the NUMERAR countertop and SORBO cabinets. After getting it all put in we quickly found out that we would want a backsplash, so we got two IMPERATIV stainless steel wall panels from Ikea for $18 each. They were very easy install, and I think they look great. We are thinking about doing a chalk board section just to the right to finish of the length of the counter.As far as the quality of Ikea kitchen cabinets go, I have been really impressed. The actual boxes themselves aren't anything special, but all the hardware is pretty high end Blum self closing. The quality of the drawer fronts is quite good as well, and it is all very easy to install. I'd definitely do it again in another house.

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