Lucy Ave is Now Home!

 B274971We moved in about three weeks ago and now that we are in it has been hard to get the house tidy enough to take photos. I managed to get the kitchen and dining area in good enough shape to get some photos done, finally. The house is nearly all finished and things wrapped up pretty nicely. I will be asking for input in the future regarding some decorating decisions. We have been having a hard time getting our bathrooms completed with mirrors, medicine cabinets etc.  B274973Now that we are in and everything is settled we have many professionals to thank for getting everything finished. Kenner Kingston and Stephanie Kooyman with Architectural Nexus who are awesome to work with and incredible Architects. Garth, Mark, Jesse and Chris with Benchmark Modern for sticking with it and getting things done quickly and within budget. Drew Hicken with Celtic Bank kicked butt and got everything wrapped up with the mortgage. Greg and Al with Premier Metal works did an incredible job and made the stairs and railings beautiful and within budget! If anyone out there is looking for talented people to help them design, build and finance a home (or anything else) should consider these fine people. We were extremely lucky to find a very honest, reliable, talented and dedicated team to build our dream home. More to come!

-Jacob  B274979  B274958

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...