León León


I've never heard of a French-Mexican furniture company before, but if this is really a thing, and it's as good as the designs by León León, count me a huge fan. 

León León was started in Mexico City in 2011 and draws inspiration from the classic Acapulco chair. The collection includes furniture, lighting and some fantastic bright pillows. The designs are heavily influenced by color and pattern, and each piece is handmade and has a wonderful modern / folk feeling. Alexander Girard would be proud.

León León 


CB2 goes grassroots


Or at least they like the name. Obviously it has nothing to do with this blog at all, but it was pretty funny to stumble upon. Thanks goes to my mom for pointing it out. 

In other news, I've officially moved to Austin Texas now. I'll keep the blog limping along like usual, but I've got some other exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned. 

Studio DUNN


I fully admit to having a total soft spot in my heart for Studio DUNN. In fact they are one of few modern americana studio's that I actually own a piece from. As much as I love their furniture though, it was their lighting that first caught my eye. I'm happy to report that they look to be making a strong push back into the lighting world this year with two new designs. 


The Radiata (above) was inspired by a jellyfish of the same name, and I think looks especially amazing with the smoked grey glass. The Sorenthia (below) is made of steel and brass, it's delicate arms look particularly nice when grouped together.




Portland based PHLOEM STUDIO is making their debut appearance at ICFF this year, and they are going big. I've always loved the stuff that they have made, but this year they look to be absolutely killing it.


I'm especially fond of the Peninsula Chair that they collaborated on with Wood & Faulk. The leather sling and brass and wood details are spot on. It's nice to see some more bespoke details like that in the furniture world. 


Needless to say, I'm expecting lot's of great things from these guys in the future.

Volk ICFF 2013


ICFF 2013 is just around the corner. Unfortunately this year I won't be able to make it, although I will be sending a friend in my place. In the meantime, all the exciting ICFF news is already starting to fill up my inbox. Volk has always been one of my favorites, and this year they are doing some exciting pieces that incorporate hand painting. 


A new (temporary) home.


I've had no shortage of huge life changing events in my life in the last 6 months, almost all of which I've neglected to share online. First, and most important, I'm getting married (yay!) in June. Second, I'm moving to Austin (what!!) in July. I'm hoping I'll get around to sharing the backstory about everything eventually and how absolutely elated I am with the way my life is going. For now, just know I'm happy and living the life I've always wanted. 

Thrown in with all these life events came the announcement that our lease in the house my girlfriend and I were renting was up, and our landlord wasn't letting us renew. That left us essentially homeless for the last 2 1/2 months we'd be in SLC. Luckily we were able to get a very short term lease in Patrick Lofts, where I was living before I moved in with my girlfriend. I suppose it's fitting that the place we met is the place we'll be in when we leave SLC. 

After a flurry of moving and giving things away we did manage to get settled into the new place. Above is a teaser shot of our fancy new (1964) Milo Baughman sofa we picked up for $600, and some of our art. The 13' ceiling and huge curved wall are perfect for wall hanging art.*

DJ Dance Party this Sat!

Creative Capsule DJ Dance.jpeg

Locals, join me and my little family and friends this Saturday for a fantastic DJ Dance Party.

A kids DJ Dance party that is, complete with craft projects inside an awesome renovated airstream, hot dogs for the kids, and BYOB for the parents. Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend time with the family on a Saturday evening?

If you have kids in SLC and you don't know about The Creative Capsule, you are missing out. Really.

Get you tickets to Saturday's event here. I've already got mine. See you there!

City Weekly Best Of (and my local favs)


I'm absolutely humbled (and elated) to have gotten a mention in City Weekly as part of their 2013 "Best Of". It seems somehow amongst all the amazing talent in Salt Lake City they decided that I was deserving of the "Best Eye for Design" award.


 It really means a lot to me, now more than ever, because of all the really great design that is happening in Salt Lake right now. I feel like the amount of talent here has skyrocketed in the last 5 years or so. In fact, I'd like to take this opportunity to share with everyone some of my local favorites in the design world (in no particular order). All these people are not only huge design influences, but also really, really great people and some of my dearest friends. Support them.

Yeah, they are a pretty impressive group, and that's just a few of my "design" friends that have websites I can link to. Don't even get me started on "foodie" friends, or all the other "kick ass" friends. There seriously isn't enough room to include everyone in this town that is dear to me. Hugs SLC. 

Furni Kendall


I've been a big fan of the guys from Furni for a really long time, so it's exciting to see that they still have some great new products coming out. The latest is this gorgeous Kendall Portable Speaker. This thing may look old school, but it's got bluetooth, and an accessory audio jack, lithium batteries or a wall plug, and 2 shielded speaker for your favorite tunes. Coming April 1.

Furni Kendall speaker


Aark Watches


Watches are dangerous. Sort of like bags, shoes, bottle openers and so many other things that I just want to collect for no apparent reason at all. Aark watches appear to be extra bad, because I want one of each of them. While they do have quite a few very classic looking ones that I really wouldn't mind having, my eye was particularly drawn to these more playful colors. 

Aark Collective

Which is your favorite?

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