Putting the Kitchen Back Together

Dsc 0018-6Three weeks ago we started ripping our kitchen apart in preparation for putting in our sliding glass door. Two weeks ago we had a huge hole cut in the wall, and our last door installed. Last week we received a big shipment from Ikea, and this weekend I finally had time to put some of it in the kitchen. We didn't want to order too much from Ikea, since they will be opening soon here in Utah, but we also were going crazy with our kitchen half ripped apart. I had thought about building some cabinets, but in lieu of time we just ordered them from Ikea. We ended up getting the SORBO doors, and I really like the look of them.

Dsc 0019-10

After putting them together, I decided Ikea has the affordable modern kitchen cabinet market pegged. The quality is good, the price is great, and so is the look. We also installed some TUNDRA laminate flooring. The counter top is a NUMERAR birch butcher block. We cut a whole in it and put in a stainless steel undermount sink to go with it. It ended up turning our really nice.Dsc 0020-11 Dsc 0001-21

Dsc 0007-9

Dsc 0011-10

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...