Curbly, Love Where You Live

200611152022If you haven't heard of curbly yet, you are seriously missing out, but don't feel bad, I just found out a couple of days ago. Curbly is a community of people who, well love where they live, and want to help other people out. The website has a great modern design, and an even better community of people willing to help each other out. While not strictly modern, a lot of the content is. There are great DIY projects, a question and answer section, and a place for everyone to have their own blog, and homepage with photos and such. It's pretty much what I wish I had the talent to transform GRM into.

Right now they are having a contest, where you can win $200 at IKEA just for signing up and posting a picture of your happy place and why you like it. So make sure you get over there an give it a go.

Make sure you check out my homepage over there and say hi.

Comments? Post them here in the forums, or comment over at curbly.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...