Toast Walnut iPad cover

IPD PLA 01 in hand

It's been a little while since I posted about Toast's iPhone covers. Since then it seems like there has been plenty of competition in the area. Well it looks like they are stepping up the game once again, this time with the iPad. I really love this look. Huge props for the subtle relief on the sides so that they form to the case better. Part of me almost feels like this is the way the iPad should have come from Apple. Of course this is one of those things where real life experience can make it or break it, so if you get a chance to see one of these in the wild, let us know. Available in walnut or white washed ash. 

Toast iPad cover $45

IPD PLA 01 front

IPD PLA 01 closeup3

IPD PLA 01 closeup2

IPD PLA 01 closeup1

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"toast" icon by Zyneth

Braun Toaster (HC1 I believe) picture at MoMA found here

Mint BRAUN PC 3 SV Turntable

NewImageI've been designing a bookcase for my new home and in anticipation of it being finished I was looking for a good turntable to compliment it. Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a link to this mint Braun PC3 turntable, and by mint I mean BRAND NEW. The PC 3 SV is part of the famous SK4 or "Snow White's coffin" that Dieter Rams" designed for Braun back in 1956. Despite it's relatively expensive price ($500 for a 50 year old record player) I couldn't resist the temptation, and I'm happy to report I'm the new owner of this beauty. Despite the fact that it's absolutely pristine, I do plan on playing records on it, and hope to give it the life it's been waiting 50 years to live. I'll be sure to update everyone when my bookshelves are finished and this beauty takes center stage.

Braun PC 3 SV (also listed on Etsy)


Win a prize from Paris!

NewImageOK people, here's the deal. I need your help. I'm heading to Paris for 10 days, and I'm officially handing over the reigns of GRM to you while I'm out of town. Truth is, you guys are the most qualified. I have some of the best readers ever, and so much of my content comes from you guys anyway. So now I'm making it easier than ever to share, and I'm giving you all the credit. With the new website redesign, I created an easy pop down menu (follow the arrow!) for registered users to submit photos and links. It takes just a few seconds to fill out, and once submitted it goes into the cue to be posted. As soon as it gets approved, voilà, you are an official GRM blogger. I'll bring a little something back from Paris for whoever submits the best post.*

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ODDIO1 Headphones

NewImageIt's been a while since I perused Kickstarter but I've been finding all sorts of great projects the last couple of days. This one I'm particularly excited about because #1 it's and awesome concepts that is well executed, and #2 it's SLC based! The ODDIO1 cord free shuffle headphones are exactly what the name implies, a pair of headphones for your iPod shuffle that have, surprise, no cord. It's a solid idea, and the product design looks great.  Most of all I can't believe that they are only $35. Let's show them some support!

ODDIO1 cord free shuffle headphones $35


Toast: iPhone case

NewImageI love things that can be personalized. It makes me feel just a little bit less of a part of the machine.  TOAST is here to personalize your iPhone with classy laser cut wood veneers. They have 8 standard designs, and you can add any text yo want to them. It's a decent little kickstarter project that needs some serious kickstarting to make it's deadline in 6 days.  If you like it, spread the word, and quick.

Toast iPhone case starting at $20


Key Shelf

keyshelfI thought these key shelves were a pretty novel idea. The shelf gives you a spot to empty your pockets as you come in the door, and it has a groove cut into it made especially for hanging your keys. Simple, intelligent, practical.

Key Shelf $25

Void Watches

void watchesI like watches a lot. Specifically, I like unique watches a lot, and I've gone though quite a few in my day. Next on my list of "must have" watches are these beauties by Void. Not only do they have a great layout with lots of interesting negative space, they have an epic material lineup to choose from, my two favorite being white ceramic and copper. I'm also really really liking the analog semi circle layout.

Void Watches

Bubble Dot Sleeves

MIO Bubble Dot SleeveAnyone who has read this blog for a while knows what a soft spot I have for anything felt.  Special thanks to GRM Michelle who sent in a link to these felt Bubble Dot Sleeves by MIO Culture. These 100% felt sleeves come in a couple different sizes,and can be used for iPads or laptops.

On a side note, when I told Michelle I was swooning over these now, she said men don't swoon.

Michelle. I swoon.

Bubble Dot Sleeve $55


The Weather, City Edition

weather screensaverRemember screensavers? It's been years since I have thought about changing mine from the Apple default, but I'm happy to announce that I just installed this fantastic little app from Stefan Trifan. "The Weather, City Edition". Is a screensaver made for Mac OSX, which shows the weather for one city (Now, Today, Tomorrow) with beautiful custom weather icons, animation, time & date. The system is based on Yahoo Weather Forecast, with a minimalist concept (black and white) and wonderful typeface. Oh, and it's free.

The Weather, City Edition

Hello Chicago + NeoCon

chicago hotel palomar poolsideI ended up on a sort of last minute whirlwind trip to Chicago over the weekend too look at some new things DIRTT and Corian are doing (more on that later). I snapped the pic above while taking a quick dip at the Hotel Palomar before dinner. The Marina City buildings are some of my favorites in Chicago. I have a whole camera full of other ones I need to get to, but I'm heading  out the door right now to check out NeoCon. I'll be updating the Grassrootsmodern Facebook page all day, make sure you check it out. I'll get around to the official recap later.

Libratone :: Scandinavian Styled Speakers


libratone colorsGone are the days when you need wires to hook your speakers up to your stereo. I have seen a few wireless speakers before, but never any as good looking as these by Libratone.

Think of Libratone Beat as a modern piece of Scandinavian furniture. Simple elegance makes it blend in and stand out at the same time. True to the Scandinavian design legacy all materials are handpicked and high quality. Satin chrome handle, body of wood, high-end piano finish, and cashmere wool. Pick a color that matches you and you have the perfect piece of sound furniture.


Thanks Richie for the tip!

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...