Avalisa does art right

200611152056It seems like everyone is trying to come up with some super trick modern design these days and throw it on a pillow or canvas and charge a lot of money for it. Well, let me just say, Avalisa does modern art right. Its been a while since I've looked at some nice canvas prints and thought, yeah, I could do that. It's been even longer since I looked at the price tag and wasn't absolutely shocked. Priced between $45 and $115 for a 12" squared to 28" squared canvas, these will look great, and not break the bank. My poorly mounted montage above shows some of her work, but there is even more to be seen. If you have kids, make sure you check out the animals, and things that go collections.

Available from Avalisa from $45-$115. Comments? Post them here. If you are in the holiday spirit (or just a good person at heart) buy a print for Cure International.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...