León León


I've never heard of a French-Mexican furniture company before, but if this is really a thing, and it's as good as the designs by León León, count me a huge fan. 

León León was started in Mexico City in 2011 and draws inspiration from the classic Acapulco chair. The collection includes furniture, lighting and some fantastic bright pillows. The designs are heavily influenced by color and pattern, and each piece is handmade and has a wonderful modern / folk feeling. Alexander Girard would be proud.

León León 


Furni Kendall


I've been a big fan of the guys from Furni for a really long time, so it's exciting to see that they still have some great new products coming out. The latest is this gorgeous Kendall Portable Speaker. This thing may look old school, but it's got bluetooth, and an accessory audio jack, lithium batteries or a wall plug, and 2 shielded speaker for your favorite tunes. Coming April 1.

Furni Kendall speaker


Touch of Modern : Micklish


What more do I need to say, it's Micklish. It's great to see Touch of Modern featuring smaller indie artists like this. Rest assured that when you buy you are not only getting a great deal, but you are also helping out a small design studio. 

Butler shown above.

Who doesn't want a personal butler to greet them at the door and take all their personal things away for safe keeping? It seems like at least once a week you can’t find your keys, or wallet, or …, so the Butler was created in an attempt to solve this little predicament. In addition, it eliminates go-to items from just just laying around.

"The Butler is made to fit your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iPhone on the side slot with a concealed space for your charging cord, and glasses/hat/scarf, (or other go-to item,) on the slide out walnut piece. The backside includes a routed out section for your charging cord and extension cord." - Curtis Micklish

Product Details

— Handmade 
— Note, the iPhone, charging cord and extension cord are not included.

  • MaterialsAmerican Walnut, Baltic Birch Ply
  • Measurements9"L x 10"H x 2.25"D
  • OriginUSA

$136 Micklish Butler


Modern Union : Sycamore Slab Table

1Table ModernUnion 1 resize

I mentioned in my last post that my life is full of changes lately. One of the harder choices I've made was to leave a business I have been part of for the last two years. I started Modern Union with my friend Jaren a couple years ago and together we set out to make a name for ourselves building gorgeous modern kitchens and custom furniture in Salt Lake City. Truth be told, the vast majority of the actual work was done by Jaren, as I was still working a full time job on the side. 

This sycamore slab table is the latest work to come out of the Modern Union studio, and one of the first things done without me being involved at all. It's a bitter sweet moment for me. My gut reaction is to be disappointed that I didn't have anything to do with it. It's so gorgeous I want to pretend that I'm somehow associated with it. Mostly though I'm just glad to see Jaren getting great commissions and still making absolutely flawless works of art. 

Jaren is doing the exact work I'm wanting to promote on Grassrootsmodern. He's just one guy in a small shop. He's incredibly talented, and he's making amazing things. This particular table has some great heritage too. The 5 foot by 7 foot slab comes from a Sycamore tree that used to be at Westminster, a local college here in Salt Lake. I know from experience that it takes hours and hours of hard work to get the top perfectly smooth and flat. One large butterfly joint in the middle of the table not only provides a beautiful contrast it actually adds structural rigidity to and old crack in the middle of the slab. 

I wish I could do more to support great local artisans like this. If you want to help support Modern Union, like their Facebook page, tell your friends about them, or even better, contact them and see what amazing thing they can build for you. Jaren has lots more slabs just waiting to be transformed

Modern Union

Modern Union on Facebook

Modern Union on Etsy

1Table ModernUnion 5 resize

1Table ModernUnion 2 resize

1Table ModernUnion 3 resize

1Table ModernUnion 4 resize

New from b/perrino

POPI've always been a fan of quilts ever since I was a kid. For one Christmas I remember the only thing I wanted was to have my mom make me a nice heavy quilt. Lucky for me she delivered, unlucky for me I picked out a black and forest green flannel. Flash forward 20 years and my mom and I are still talking about quilts. Luckily our taste has evolved and there are some amazing modern quilts out there. If you haven't seen the work of Barbara Perrino you are seriously missing out. She was nice enough to recently send some pictures of her latest work my way.  Check them out below.

b/perrino quilts


Robert Siegel Ceramics

NewImageA few weeks ago I went to the Park City Arts Festival. For some reason arts festivals always sound exciting and interesting but inevitably end up having the exact same things I saw the year before.  Really, how many different booths do we need for wooden cutting boards made out of different types of wood?

The one shinning star that did stand out was Robert Siegel's ceramics. Sure they weren't totally original, we've seen similar designs from Pigeon Toe ceramics and others, but amongst all the other booths it was a beautiful thing to see. Make sure you check out his Kauai collection shown above as well as his standard line

All of his prices are very reasonable for a hand made product.

Robert Siegel Ceramics


Analog Modern

NewImageI'm always thinking about good names for a website and/or business. The other day I was thinking about how much I like clean modern design but with age old hand made details. The name "Analogue Modern" popped into my head, and I was almost giddy to find out that the domain was still available. Seconds away from snatching it up, I started to wonder. Did I spell "Analogue" right? Yes and no. There are two spellings, and it looks like "Analog Modern" doesn't just exist, they are doing exactly what I had in mind. Despite the disappointment that someone got to the idea before I did, I'm mostly just excited to find another great indy shop putting out good furniture. 

Analog Modern





NewImageIt's no secret that I'm a fan of steel and wood coming together to make beautiful furniture. It is surprising however that I have only mentioned Misewell before in passing lately, because they do wood and steel so well. The new Grain desk shown above is a perfect example of that. Solid walnut and black steel have never looked so good.

Misewell Grain desk

Studio Dunn ICFF Debut

DUNN Cor 15 pHot on the heels of yesterday's debut of new work by Volk comes a 2012 ICFF update of another one of my favorite furniture makers Asher Dunn.  I fell in love with Studio Dunn's Scandinavian influenced furniture the first time I saw it.  It is modern day americana at its best.  Asher continues to delight my eyes with careful attention to detail and flowing joinery details. I'm happy to see he continues to design things besides just furniture too. 

Studio Dunn

Narragansett Bowls

The shell-like Narragansett Bowls highlight the simplicity of natural utility.  Drawing from the sea, Native Americans in Rhode Island had assimilated a variety of shells for plating food.  Available in brass or cast iron, the Narragansett Bowls create an earthy vessel to display edible or decorative items.  Exposed edges embellish angular shadows thrown from their bends, while the weight of the material anchors the humble receptacle.

DUNN Nar 03 pDUNN Nar 08 p


Bristol Console Table

Find yourself entranced in the Bristol Console’s flowing pillars and waves.  Indulge in the intricacy of its endless streaming lines, forged by its slim contours, branch-like stretcher, distinctive connection points, and the surface’s cusp.  The console’s hardwood construction and sizeable top sends a personal invitation to a serene space while also playing host to casual use. 

DUNN Bri 04 p

DUNN Bri 01 pDUNN Bri 04 p

Coddington Vase

The dark shallow waters of the Coddington Vase illuminate the subtle radiance of sun kissed flowers.  Pointed and sleek, the seafaring inspired stainless steel grate crosses with the exotic and precise art of Ikebana.  With a cast aluminum base, its durable body emits a touch of masculinity and a rugged natural patina that’s gentle enough to embrace the most delicate beauty.


DUNN Cod 01 p

DUNN Cod 08 p

DUNN Cod 10 p


Corliss Chair

The spitting image of revolution.  The Corliss Chair cleverly integrates traditional American hardwood construction in its maple seat with a graceful, comfort driven, and handcrafted aluminum backing.  Its true connection a secret between them, this union of sustainable and recyclable materials harmoniously joins along a curved plane.  Paying homage to George Corliss, the founder of the first independently-powered steam engine, the chair naturally innovates any setting.

DUNN Cor 02 p

DUNN Cor 06 p

DUNN Cor 07 p

DUNN Cor 11 p



Studio DUNN was founded in 2010 and launched its first collection, the Rhode Island Collection, at the ICFF in 2010, winning the Editor’s Award for Best New Designer.  Studio DUNN has recently been featured in the Wall Street JournalNew England HomeWallpaper*, and Dwell.  This past April, founder Asher Dunn was awarded New England Home’s 5 Under 40 Award given to five individuals under the age of 40 for significant contributions to their design field.


DUNN Asher 01 p

Volk : Walnut Dresser

Dresser postcardOne of my favorite craftsman at ICFF last year was Volk. I posted about some of Brian's amazing work that I saw while I was there. With ICFF looming on the horizon this year (shame I can't make it) Brian was kind enough to pass along a photo of one of the projects that he has completed since I met with him last. Stunning is the only way I can describe this Walnut dresser with hutch. It's made of solid walnut with inlaid brass details and custom brass drawer pulls. The hutch top has a sliding door with an inset Harris Tweed panel. It's finished off with a classy oil and wax finish. Volk furniture really has to be seen and touch to appreciate it, so if you do find yourself at ICFF make sure you stop by booth 2453. Make sure you tell Brian that Grassrootsmodern say's "hey". 

Volk Furniture

Herriott Grace

NewImageEqual parts art piece and useful kitchen utensil, Herriott Grace is making some of the best looking wooden spoons and kitchen utensils I have seen in a while. They definitely fall in the "not cheap" category, but that doesn't seem to stop them from selling.

Which is your favorite? How much would you pay for a gorgeous wooden spoon?

Herriott Grace


Bexar Goods Co

NewImageI mentioned last week my new found obsession for bags.  I've been looking for a good leather or waxed canvas tote for a while now, and I was stoked to happen upon Bexar Goods Co. They were kind enough to send me a Black Aviator Carry tote last week, and I've been putting it to good use ever since. First impressions? I was really really impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the details.  The copper rivets have got to be my favorite part of the whole bag.  They look amazing, and are super sturdy and functional. The strap is just the perfect length to slip over your shoulder and the contrast between the black bag and the tanned leather handles is really nice. Overall, I couldn't be happier, and while it's not the cheapest bag, I'm betting it's the last tote I have to buy for a very long time.

Bexar Goods Co. Aviator Carry $219


Modern Wooden Spoons

NewImageA while ago I decided to make my own wooden spoons. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Ever sense I have a whole new appreciation for a good wooden spoon. I've been playing around with the idea for a while to do a best made style artistic spoon, but it looks like someone beat me to it. I love this collection of wooden spoons from Reine Mere, and it might even motivate me to bust out that english walnut I have laying around and carve out another set.

Wooden Spoons (five colors available) €11,50


Garny Tripod Stool

NewImageHot on the heels of yesterdays amazing stool from Hedgehouse comes another fantastic hand crafted stool this time from Gabor Ruzsan of Garny Designs. Made of hand carved cherry wood the 22" tall stool is as functional as it is beautiful.  As with all good furniture the real beauty is in the subtle details. My favorite on this stool is the barely perceptible walnut wedge used in the mortise and tenon joint. Top notch.

Garny Tripod Stool $445

Brighton Exchange Furniture

table top valet

Why does one need a table top valet? To be perfectly honest with you, I have absolutely no idea. Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting one. If it's not exactly your thing, make sure you check out some of the other beautiful items that Cincinnati based Brighton Exchange is making. They also have some gorgeous cocktail tables and shelves. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love seeing white oak furniture these days.

Brighton Exchange

NewImageNewImagegradiant shelf


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...