Studio Dunn ICFF Debut

DUNN Cor 15 pHot on the heels of yesterday's debut of new work by Volk comes a 2012 ICFF update of another one of my favorite furniture makers Asher Dunn.  I fell in love with Studio Dunn's Scandinavian influenced furniture the first time I saw it.  It is modern day americana at its best.  Asher continues to delight my eyes with careful attention to detail and flowing joinery details. I'm happy to see he continues to design things besides just furniture too. 

Studio Dunn

Narragansett Bowls

The shell-like Narragansett Bowls highlight the simplicity of natural utility.  Drawing from the sea, Native Americans in Rhode Island had assimilated a variety of shells for plating food.  Available in brass or cast iron, the Narragansett Bowls create an earthy vessel to display edible or decorative items.  Exposed edges embellish angular shadows thrown from their bends, while the weight of the material anchors the humble receptacle.

DUNN Nar 03 pDUNN Nar 08 p


Bristol Console Table

Find yourself entranced in the Bristol Console’s flowing pillars and waves.  Indulge in the intricacy of its endless streaming lines, forged by its slim contours, branch-like stretcher, distinctive connection points, and the surface’s cusp.  The console’s hardwood construction and sizeable top sends a personal invitation to a serene space while also playing host to casual use. 

DUNN Bri 04 p

DUNN Bri 01 pDUNN Bri 04 p

Coddington Vase

The dark shallow waters of the Coddington Vase illuminate the subtle radiance of sun kissed flowers.  Pointed and sleek, the seafaring inspired stainless steel grate crosses with the exotic and precise art of Ikebana.  With a cast aluminum base, its durable body emits a touch of masculinity and a rugged natural patina that’s gentle enough to embrace the most delicate beauty.


DUNN Cod 01 p

DUNN Cod 08 p

DUNN Cod 10 p


Corliss Chair

The spitting image of revolution.  The Corliss Chair cleverly integrates traditional American hardwood construction in its maple seat with a graceful, comfort driven, and handcrafted aluminum backing.  Its true connection a secret between them, this union of sustainable and recyclable materials harmoniously joins along a curved plane.  Paying homage to George Corliss, the founder of the first independently-powered steam engine, the chair naturally innovates any setting.

DUNN Cor 02 p

DUNN Cor 06 p

DUNN Cor 07 p

DUNN Cor 11 p



Studio DUNN was founded in 2010 and launched its first collection, the Rhode Island Collection, at the ICFF in 2010, winning the Editor’s Award for Best New Designer.  Studio DUNN has recently been featured in the Wall Street JournalNew England HomeWallpaper*, and Dwell.  This past April, founder Asher Dunn was awarded New England Home’s 5 Under 40 Award given to five individuals under the age of 40 for significant contributions to their design field.


DUNN Asher 01 p

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