School boy satchel & Canvas Duffel


I've mentioned before my infatuation with bags, but did I admit I love shoes too? A year ago I bought these great Allen Edmonds that I absolutely adore. The natural coloring on them is what won me over. Well last week I decided it was time to retire my Nau messenger bag and get something a little smaller to carry to work everyday. I've been wanting a good quality leather satchel for years, so I took it as a sign from the gods that I had just gotten a 30% off code at Bonobos and they had the BillyKirk School boy satchel in stock. The hefty price tag and a bad review almost discouraged me from pulling the trigger, but ultimately I decided it was just too irresistible. I've only had the bag for about a week now, but I'm absolutely ecstatic about it. The quality seems superb, the leather is beautiful and soft, and it happens to match my shoes almost perfectly. I snapped the above instagram picture in the elevator the other day when I first noticed it. 


Billy Kirk School Boy Satchel $365

On the other end of the financial spectrum, right before I went to New York last week I picked up this little duffel made by a local company Springbar. They usually make heavy duty waterproof canvas tents, and this Basic Duffel is made out of the same waterproof canvas. Basic is a great word to describe it too. It's pretty much a no frills duffel, it doesn't even have a shoulder strap. The canvas is amazing though. It's a great blue/green/gray color, totally waterproof, and strong as hell. Oh, and the $17 price tag is pretty sweet too. 


Basic canvas duffel $17

Paris Report

Photo 5As much as I've been trying to avoid it, I am finally back from Paris. I can confidently say that everything went off without a hitch, and it met all expectations that I had. So what did I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. I didn't spend the day in any famous museums, I didn't get my picture painted on the street, I didn't go on any tours of famous sites. I just enjoyed good company, amazing food and drink, and spent all day long exploring an amazing city, and I would gladly do it all again in a heartbeat.

I'm happy to report that both my new bag acquisitions worked wonderfully. The Bexar Aviator tote became the daily carry and was perfect for everything from morning trips to the boulangerie to get some baguette to daytime shopping trips or bringing home a bottle of wine late at night. The german garment bag was an equally amazing and swallowed up 10 days of clothes with room to spare. It was a bit heavy to lug around but I didn't miss the option of having wheels at all as I carried it up and down the steps while riding the metro.

While I was gone you guys did a good job taking over for me.  We had reader submitted stories on chairs, clocks, lights, and beds. All the posts got a lot of love, but the winner was Jaren of Modern Union for his amazing submission of the best looking espresso machine I've ever seen.



Photo 1Photo 3Photo 2Photo 4Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5

Bexar Goods Co

NewImageI mentioned last week my new found obsession for bags.  I've been looking for a good leather or waxed canvas tote for a while now, and I was stoked to happen upon Bexar Goods Co. They were kind enough to send me a Black Aviator Carry tote last week, and I've been putting it to good use ever since. First impressions? I was really really impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the details.  The copper rivets have got to be my favorite part of the whole bag.  They look amazing, and are super sturdy and functional. The strap is just the perfect length to slip over your shoulder and the contrast between the black bag and the tanned leather handles is really nice. Overall, I couldn't be happier, and while it's not the cheapest bag, I'm betting it's the last tote I have to buy for a very long time.

Bexar Goods Co. Aviator Carry $219


MAKR Carry Goods

Back in 2005 when I was just starting the blog (I can't believe it's been 6 years!) I blogged about and did an interview with Jason Gregory from MAKR. Back then Jason was just getting started making fine leather goods. Just this week I stumbled across his site again, and I'm happy to report it looks like the business is alive and doing well. He still has a myriad of leather goods, and he has added some nice canvas bags to the lineup as well.

MAKR Carry Goods

Check out his blog too. It totally has me obsessing over this key.

Nau Fluent Stash

With as much as Capree and I obsess over felt, we may as well change our name to Feltrootsmodern. That being said, a reader sent me this link to the Fluent Stash from Nau and I couldn't resist sharing. Nau is one of our sponsors here at GRM and last month I reviewed the Motil messenger bag. Based on my experience with that bag, I would venture to say that this Fluent Stash a winner as well. Nau doesn't just do bags either. I just picked up a poletariat shirt and some cargo pants and I must say I am completely in love. Not only are all of their products super high quality, they are all 100% sustainable, even the felt.

Fluent Stash felt bag $80 from Nau

Pansy Maiden Messenger Bags

I'm always on the lookout for a decent messenger bag and I think I just found the perfect one! These bags from Pansy Maiden are organic, vegan, and sustainable, not to mention heavy duty and big on pocket space. The design is unisex, though I don't know how many guys would really want to show off the "Pansy Maiden" tag...

Inspired by clean lines, whimsical shapes, and an urban aesthetic, Laura Collins of Pansy Maiden subscribes to a "less is more" philosophy. Her mission is to create simple, durable, Eco-friendly, animal-free bags that are urban, pretty, and practical. And fun. Really, really fun. You will never see a Pansy Maiden bag that contains leather, wool or silk. The twill and denim fabric used for these bags is produced at a mill that dyes their fabric with plant-based, heavy metal-free dyes (no harmful chemical run- off). The mill also abides by Fair-Trade regulations meaning, among other things, employees at the mill are paid a fair wage and they work in safe working conditions. In addition, all fabric used is washed with a plant-based detergent and a plant-based fabric softener.

Messenger Bags by Pansy Maiden: $150

Eco Lola Purse


Ok, I fully admit that I'm a dude and I know absolutely nothing about purses. That being said, I do know that I love anything made with felt, and these Eco Lola purses from ZAUM have certainly caught my eye. Made with organic felt and a cotton twill interior the Eco Lola has dual magnetic closures on top and and several compartments on the inside to help keep things where they belong.

Available from ZAUM for $95.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Journey Packs

 I Products New 01 55 44 15544  DpOne of the major accessories every new parent needs is a good diaper bag. If you remember, when we had Arri we splurged a little for a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. It wasn't cheap, but looking back I think it was totally worth it. I am a huge fan of Petunia Pickle Bottom, and think that most of their bag designs are pretty nice, but they have completely outdone themselves with their new Journey Packs. This beautiful bag is made of felt, and has a classic style that will always look great. Looking at it makes me think that it's hands down the best looking diaper bag I've ever seen. The only downsides are the size (it looks a little small) and the price (which isn't small). Available in Gray, Olive Green, Black felt, and leather. Available from Design Public for $140.

Canvas Cooler Bags

 Products Small 41201.Ec9463E2Whether you are a jetset junkie, or you just like going on picnics every chance you get, an insulated bag is a great way to keep your food cold (or hot). I've bought simple plastic ones from Rockhill Creamery at our farmers market to keep things cool, and they worked great. If you are looking for something a little more stylish however, definitely check out the canvas cooler bags by Sagaform. Unica home has them in stock in black or khaki, with the small size starting at only $29.

Available from Unica Home $29 - $ 69.

Fleurville Re-Run Messenger Bag

200803110728-1Finding a good diaper bag can be a hard thing. There is a huge selection out there, and not much sets one apart from the other. Fleurville is trying to stand out from the competition by offering a greener solution, and I'm not talking color. The Fleurville Re-Run series is made from recycled plastic bottles. For each Re-Run messenger bag made they keep 10 600ml plastic bottles out of the landfill. Style and function hasn't been compromised either. The bags are available in 7 different colors/prints and come with all the bells and whistles a diaper bag should.Available from Fleurville for $75. Via Treehugger.

Q tote

 All Images B B8C 45F Il 430Xn.14145464I'm not exactly sure what the "Q" stands for, but I do know that this Q tote is a great looking and environmentally friendly little bag at a great price. This bag comes from thecraftpantry's etsy shop and is part of her Mod Naturals Collection. The bag is made of 100% recycled organic cotton and is fair trade/fair market. The print is an original design by Cammie who has her BA in art education. She uses ultra high quality transfer paper to get the images onto the totes. What you use the tote for is up to you... Available at thecraftpantry's etsy shop for $8.

Affordable Modern Picnic

As the summer months approach it's time to pack up some of our favorite treats, and go on a picnic. Here are a couple of things to get you started off on the right foot.

 06 I 08 Aa F4 32 1 Ebay Yellowbento2When it comes to efficiently carrying food in style, no one has it down quite like the Japanese. I remember the first time I saw someone at work whip out a bento box. My tupperware has never felt so inadequate. There are about a million styles to choose from, and all very affordable. This two tiered yellow flower bento will run you $10 from the Bento Obento Shop.

 All Images 7 72D Fbf Il 430Xn.7066970If you are more of a sandwich, chips, and juice box kinda guy, don't worry, you can still picnic in style. The Mylarkey Lunch bag has got you covered. It's big enough to fit your standard sandwich or leftovers, and it's insulated so you don't have to worry about your cold food getting hot. It's vinyl and soft plastic free, so you don't have to worry about any nasty offgassing while you enjoy nature. It's available from Cascadelemonade's Etsy shop for $15.

 Images P B000N43O9W.16. Sclzzzzzzz Ss384 V24888266 If you are going a little more upscale than a tuna fish sandwich on white bread, make sure you check out the Oenophilia Picnic Stake Set. It make it easy to balance a bottle of your drink of choice and some nice glasses with out needing a table. Made of steel with a zinc finish, these should hold up to many romantic outdoor adventures. Available from Target for $19.  Images P B000Guc8Rw.16. Sclzzzzzzz Ss384 V44585383 Of course no picnic is complete without a blanket to lay on. Any old one will do, but if you are looking for something full featured to dedicate to picnics, Target has got your back. The Tiny Traveler Picnic Blanket is made of a soft fabric with a protective waterproof layer to keep the dew away. It also fold into it's own little carrying case complete with handle to make your life a little easier. Available from Target for $19.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

200703300816OK, so I admit I am a complete sucker for pretty things. My wife and I have been looking for a cute diaper bag that I would feel comfortable toting around for a long time now. We have found a couple online that are quite nice, but I could never justify paying $150 for a bag. Yesterday we went to a local chic baby store called Babinski's and they had a bunch of Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. There was one in particular, the "Medow Lark" with its hand-woven tweed-blue/green herringbone design that I absolutely loved, and I made the mistake of looking at all the features and falling in love with it before I looked at the price. By then it was too late, and we walked out having spent $150 on a diaper bag. In hindsight, I have to admit, I don't regret a thing. The bag is totally sweet. Available from babypetunia for $158. Or for the locals, at Babinski's for $155.

Silent Revolution Bags

 Images Prod Shots Hydro WhiteIf you haven't seen the fresh style of Silent Revolution bags, then you are missing out. Started in 2005 by husband and wife team Andrea and Kyriakos Toyias, Silent Revolution brings a fresh perspective to urban inspired bags. Andrea's sculpture background mixed with Kyriakos' modern architecture background helps these sturdy vinyl bags find an identity far more mature than your usual modern bag. Not only are the bags gorgeous, but they are socially conscious as well. All bags are made by hand with tremendous amount of attention paid to both design and detailing in sweatshop-free factories of Los Angeles. Hydro bag shown, priced at $68. Available from Silent Revolution from $64 and up. Comment? Post them here on the forums.

Furoshiki Bag

 Shopping Images Furoshikibag WebAlthough I had never heard of a Furoshiki Bag before I saw this, I was instantly enthralled by the design. According to wikipedia, a Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for carrying things. This cotton bag is a slight spin on the old design. This origami like bag can be folded into several different positions, depending on what you need to carry. The handle attach to each other with magnets to hold things tight. If you get bored of the color, its reversible. It even folds up nice and small for when you aren't carrying anything. Available in orange, yellow, blue and green.

Available from Compact Impact for $59. Comments? Post them here in the forums.

Honeycomb Truckette

 Qbi Qb Honeycombtruckette Cream LgI always like to support the little guys, and to be honest, that is part of the appeal of this hand bag from Queen Bee Creations. Made in Portland Oregon, this simple modern bag is just the thing to tote around and stuff full of all your daily goodies. The Truckette is constructed of high-quality waterproof vinyl, has two front pockets underneath flap, an additional layer of vinyl on bottom of bag for reinforcement, adjustable heavy duty seat belt webbing strap, and a silver velvet lined flap that closes with two snaps. If you are in a family way, make sure you check out Queen Bee's kid line called Chickpea Baby, where she has a similarly styled diaper bag.

Available from Buy Olympia for $58.


KatrinakayebigI don't do too much here on fashion, but this is one I just couldn't pass up. Katrinakaye over at Etsy has made a lovely union of original Mid-Century Scandinavian prints and good old sturdy army messenger bags. The result is a wonderful collection of one of a kind bags that are as affordable as they are original. Katrinakaye lives in Amsterdam, but fortunately shipping is very reasonable on these bags. Most sell for around $30 and ship for around $7, which is a great deal for the sturdy stylish bag you are getting. So far the feedback on these bags has been very positive. She should have a webpage coming soon, so stay tuned for more news.

Check out her Etsy page for all her great bags.

Skip Hop Pronto!

Skiphop I am always glad to see baby related stuff that I actually like the looks of. It almost makes the idea of having one of the squirmy little guys a little more enticing. Skip Hop is another great company devoted to making parenthood a little more stylish. Their new mini changing station, the Pronto! is a nice addition to their already solid line. I like the unassuming stealth look of the outside and the super mod changing pad stowed in the inside. Perfect for you couples that like to fly under the radar, but still make a statement. This little guy is loaded too. It has all the little pockets and zippered areas you need for your baby related paraphenalia.

Available for $30 at Baby Universe Via BabyGadget

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