Nau Fluent Stash

With as much as Capree and I obsess over felt, we may as well change our name to Feltrootsmodern. That being said, a reader sent me this link to the Fluent Stash from Nau and I couldn't resist sharing. Nau is one of our sponsors here at GRM and last month I reviewed the Motil messenger bag. Based on my experience with that bag, I would venture to say that this Fluent Stash a winner as well. Nau doesn't just do bags either. I just picked up a poletariat shirt and some cargo pants and I must say I am completely in love. Not only are all of their products super high quality, they are all 100% sustainable, even the felt.

Fluent Stash felt bag $80 from Nau

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...