Affordable Modern Picnic

As the summer months approach it's time to pack up some of our favorite treats, and go on a picnic. Here are a couple of things to get you started off on the right foot.

 06 I 08 Aa F4 32 1 Ebay Yellowbento2When it comes to efficiently carrying food in style, no one has it down quite like the Japanese. I remember the first time I saw someone at work whip out a bento box. My tupperware has never felt so inadequate. There are about a million styles to choose from, and all very affordable. This two tiered yellow flower bento will run you $10 from the Bento Obento Shop.

 All Images 7 72D Fbf Il 430Xn.7066970If you are more of a sandwich, chips, and juice box kinda guy, don't worry, you can still picnic in style. The Mylarkey Lunch bag has got you covered. It's big enough to fit your standard sandwich or leftovers, and it's insulated so you don't have to worry about your cold food getting hot. It's vinyl and soft plastic free, so you don't have to worry about any nasty offgassing while you enjoy nature. It's available from Cascadelemonade's Etsy shop for $15.

 Images P B000N43O9W.16. Sclzzzzzzz Ss384 V24888266 If you are going a little more upscale than a tuna fish sandwich on white bread, make sure you check out the Oenophilia Picnic Stake Set. It make it easy to balance a bottle of your drink of choice and some nice glasses with out needing a table. Made of steel with a zinc finish, these should hold up to many romantic outdoor adventures. Available from Target for $19.  Images P B000Guc8Rw.16. Sclzzzzzzz Ss384 V44585383 Of course no picnic is complete without a blanket to lay on. Any old one will do, but if you are looking for something full featured to dedicate to picnics, Target has got your back. The Tiny Traveler Picnic Blanket is made of a soft fabric with a protective waterproof layer to keep the dew away. It also fold into it's own little carrying case complete with handle to make your life a little easier. Available from Target for $19.

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