Images Nsl Nsl Copyrighted Image Ledmd AlOK, I think I found a winner for some outdoor LED lighting. It's called the NSL LED MiniDisc Light and is available from Brandlighting. They are small, simple, and best of all affordable. They even come in an aluminum finish so they will match all of our windows. Pricing is $40 per light, and $100 for the driver. One driver can power up to 100 lights.

200704130640MIDNATT from Ikea shown to the right. It's not anything to special, but it's only $25. When you need to buy 6 of something, the price difference between $25 and $100 is a big deal. These will mount near the tops of all the birch cabinetry, and will basically run the whole length of the hall. Does anyone else have any good suggestions?

LED Available from Brandlighting from $40 - $100. Sconce Available from Ikea for $25.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...