Jimmyjane Touch


It's valentines day, and who do I love? Jimmyjane. It's not just me either, this sex positive company has gotten oodles of good press over the past few years. It doesn't hurt that they have some really beautifully designed products, in fact that good design may be one of the reasons they are a best seller on Fab.  

The latest toy to come out of Jimmyjane is the Hello Touch. It's basically two ultra compact vibrators that strap right to you fingers. I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities are endless. 


Jimmyjane was nice enough to send a Hello Touch my way for a little hands on review. I have a few other vibrators that they have sent me in the past for review, and I'm always very impressed with the product design aspect of them. The Touch did feel slightly less high end than some of their other products, particularly the wrist cuff and battery holder. Luckily they didn't skimp on the part that counts, the vibrator pods. 


Overall I would say the Touch comes highly recommended. Sure this advice is coming a little late seeing as today is already valentines day, but really, do you need a special day to show your love? 

Hello Touch $65

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...