Weekender Masonry bag


If there are any ladies looking for a last minute valentines gift, or any body in general looking for a kick ass weekender bag, I have a solution. I've been eyeing these fantastic canvas and leather masonry bags for a while now. DWR used to have two different sizes in stock, but they were a little pricey. Then yesterday I saw this one on Bespoke Post for $45., and figured I'd take the plunge.

The canvas and leather masonry bag is a classic. Traditionally it was used by mason's (surprise surprise right?) to carry their tools. Now this rugged and stylish bag is just the thing for that last minute out of town trip you've been meaning to go on.

Bespoke Post was new to me, but it seems like a pretty cool idea. It's a monthly gift service (there seems to be a resurgence of these lately) that caters to stylish men. Each month you have a choice of 3 $45 gifts, or you can take a pass. Looking through the past gifts, it seems like they have a pretty solid collection. Any one else already a member? Any feedback?

Bespoke Post

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