Martha Stewart modern cabinetry at Home Depot

Capree may have been the first to do the unthinkable, blog about Martha Stewart on GRM, but I'm hot on her heals. It seems like old Martha has more tricks up her sleeve than modern pet accessories. In a decidedly huge step forward she has released a new line of kitchen cabinetry that is available through your local Home Depot. While most of it leaves a lot to be desired, the Weston collection shown above looks like it has some series potential. I have no idea on pricing yet, but assuming it falls in line with the rest of Home Depot pricing it should be pretty good. The one real question I have is how the hardware compares to that of your standard Ikea Kitchen? If it can match that quality, it may worth some serious consideration for those on a budget.

Thanks to Allison for the tip!

Martha Stewart modern kitchens at Home Depot

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