Web designers Check in here!

Grassrootsmodern has been stumbling along for a long time with what I think is fairly mediocre web design. Problem is I've always been too cheep to shell out any cash to get "professional" help. Well folks, the time has come. I actually need a good web designer/ graphic designer for a couple different projects. I have three specific needs. If you fit one or all of the above, contact me or leave a comment.

1. A competent wordpress template designer.

2. A plain jane website web designer.

3. A flash designer (don't even get me started about how much I hate flash, just trust me on this one.)

In all areas I'm looking for someone who can produce a simple clean web standards compliant site. Bonus points for thinking outside the box and not costing me my firstborn. Yeah, did I mention I'm a cheapskate?

Interested? Contact me! This could be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...