Pam Wishbow


Ah! New favorite illustrator alert! I ran across Pam Wishbow's portfolio and am completely charmed by her 50's, Tiki-ish aesthetic. Browsing her site will surely put a smile on your face! Check out her shop for available prints and card sets.

I'm an Illustrator from New Jersey who is in the market to relocate somewhere in the Midwest after conquering the Deep South. I'm from a family of mathematical-minded people which seems to have left me with a need for efficiency and logic. Don't worry, this doesn't make me cold and boring, it just leaves me with more streamlined ways to goof around as well as a predisposition for loving terribly amazing sci-fi. It's all about problem-solving, which if you've ever seen my Tetris scores, you'd know for a fact I am pretty darn good at.

Cards Sets and Prints from Pam Wishbow: $15 - $75


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...