Cube Steam Humidifier

200912210741.jpg We've been on the hunt for a good looking modern humidifier for a long time. Last year we finally bought the Air-O-Swiss which was lovingly dubbed "Eva" (from Wall-E") by our 2 year old son. While we were happy with it, we ended up replacing our furnace and installing a whole house humidifier. The whole house humidifier is expensive but oh so convenient.

This year it looks like there is one more option when it comes to stylish humidifiers. The Cube steam humidifier like most other stylish humidifiers comes from Japan. WIth a 2.6 L tank and 8 hour capacity it sounds fairly equivilient to our Air-O-Swiss, minus the easy pour filing. Priced at $108 it seems like a good price for a good looking humidifier.

Available from Japan Trend shop for $108.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...