Fairly Painless

Fairly Painless is an ad agency in Holland, Michigan. I love this spot they did for Herman Miller - they somehow managed to make HM seem even COOLER than before. A job well done, indeed.

About Fairly Painless (in their own entertaining words):
Just off the shore of Lake Michigan, in the charming community of Holland, Michigan, stands an agency encompassing qualities key to award-winning advertising and design: ambition, insecurity, talent, ego, humor and (a wee bit of) depravity. Qualities commonly found only in big city advertising agencies and design firms. How did it all find its way into such a pristine, tranquil environment, you ask? Well, the same way OJ got acquitted. No one knows.

Founded by a vegetarian art director and a Texas copywriter, and led by a former director of Greenpeace, Fairly Painless had no real chance of being "normal" from the gitgo. We recognized that most of our clients saw advertising as a necessary evil. So, like a smiling pediatric nurse, we prepared a solution, said it would only sting a little, and got our clients healthy returns on their money. We do it without titles. We do it without layers. You work directly with the creatives and strategists doing your work. It might not be the kind of thing that would work for everyone. But, hey, we still have the first client we ever got fifteen years ago, and a bunch of other cool ones since. Well, enough about us. Let's talk about you. What's on your mind?


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