Cheap Sofa's


I'm always amazed when I come across cheap sofa's. While I admit that you get what you pay for, sometimes you are just looking for the cheapest decent looking sofa that you can find. Target seems to have a pretty decent collection of them right now. The "Sofa Bed - Khaki" shown on the left is an amazing $159! To illustrate just how inexpensive that is, just read the reviews. One person actually bought the sofa for their dog to sleep on. If you are looking for something a little nicer the "Sofa Bed - Brown" on the right gets you faux leather for $499. That's getting into Ikea territory and might not be as good of a deal. Both do however fold down to become a queen sized bed which is a nice advantage. Unfortunately both are only available online (you'll be buying them blind) but if you or your dog need a inexpensive place to sit, it may be worth a try.

Available from Target.

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