Leah Giberson


I really enjoy these mixed-media collages from artist Leah Giberson. What begins as a digital photo of mundane suburban landscapes soon becomes something more meaningful and telling. From digital printouts, Leah works back into the print with paint and embroidery thread, and in the process discovers the essential elements and structure of each image.

Giberson explains, "The lines between the "fact" of the photographic image and the "fiction" of the paint are blurred at times, but not denied. I am not trying to hide the process, but rather, I am investigating where fact and fiction meet and how they influence and inform one another, creating a new and arguably truer story."


A comment on the facade of suburban life, perhaps. However you interpret Leah's work, you'll agree that her technique and style are well executed and unique.

Limited edition prints available from the Leah Giberson Etsy shop: $30 - $175


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