Clearspace Modular homes


People have been waiting a long time for prefab to revolutionize the modern housing industry by making a modern architecturally designed home affordable. Unfortunately until now most of the modern prefab homes have been as expense to build as traditional construction. That's not to say that affordable modern prefab can't be done, just that no one (besides perhaps Rocio Romero) has done it.


Luckily there is a new kid on the block looking to shake things up. Clearspace modular homes was started to "offer affordable high-quality modern prefab housing that is sustainably focused and inspired by mid-century modern architecture and design". Sound pretty good right? It is. While they are still in the process of building their first house, base model pricing is expected to be $110- $115 a square foot, which is affordable by any standard. They have several different model to offer ranging from 400 sq/ft to over 1,500, sq/ft.

Clearspace Modular Homes.


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