Urban Soule


I ran across this Etsy shop a while ago but just rediscovered it in my bookmarks.  Urban Soule sells really awesome urban-themed ceramics (as well as paintings, photography, and vintage items). I really love the wood grain plates and the graffiti stencil pieces are pretty rad too. You can order anything from a single plate to an entire 18-piece set. Soule even offers customized pitchers and teapots, just choose the style and color you want!  

More about Soule:
Soule,(pronounced like soul) was born in Warshin'ton state. Growing up in the sticks, I, me and my only friends were tree dwelling creatures. One day me,myself and I became incredibly lost and stumbled upon the "city" and discovered a wheat pasted poster. Not only visually appealing, it was delicious,me loved it. I and myself had to learn more about this new discovery, so after befriending some city folk, I, myself and me branched out on our own armed with spray paint, stencils and ink. At the ripe ol' age of 16 I had my first art show which was a success, this got the ball rolling so Me, myself and I ran with it bringing myself to Seattle, WA. Keep an eye out for Urban Soule clothing, paintings, toys, and whatever else me, myself and I feels like making!

Ceramics with attitude from Urban Soule: $10 - $250.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...