Picture 48A few years ago I was looking around for a portfolio case that would really impress - something with a big "wow" factor. I hit the mother load when I came across Paperhaus, a supplier of top notch, unique, and incredibly beautiful portfolios. Their motto, "every presentation deserves a haus", is spot on. I ordered this portfolio at the time and it really does feel like my work is in its own little modern cocoon. Since then, Paperhaus has significantly increased their supply, carrying cases from the likes of Lost Luggage, Case Envy, and Pina Zangaro, to name a few. Though some portfolios can carry a price tag of $150 or more, there are many affordable options that still command the attention your presentation deserves. Paperhaus offers an incredible variety of presentation cases and portfolios in nearly every type of material you can imagine - acrylic, metal, wood, felt, leather, and more. So if you're in the market, check out Paperhaus for any and all of your presentation needs! And P.S. They also carry journals, writing instruments, home and office accessories, bags, and even furniture!

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