Crestview Door Lite Kits

 Skin Frontend First Version First Version  Images Doorlite-Kit-Callout200812030748 Last week we posted about a couple of different modern door options that were available. This week I got an email from April telling me about Crestviews DIY door lite kits. If you are lucky like April and already have a solid slab front door, making it Mid Century just got a whole lot more affordable. Instead of replacing the entire door, you can just add the window panes to make it look like a Crestview door. You can choose from any of their retro door designs, or come up with your own custom design. Kits start at $179 which is way cheaper than you could ever get a new door for. Installation looks pretty easy (video after the jump) and you get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. If you are not the handy type (or are unlucky like me and don't have a plain slab door) and still want a Crestview door, check out their "showroom specials" that start at $800. While you're checking out Crestview doors, make sure you look at their totally amazing door-o-vision that lets you see different doors on your own house.

Door lite kits available from Crestview starting at $179.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...