SLC classified deals

200810090728Liam found some great lamps on yesterday for $25 a piece. I am so tempted to buy them, but I am kind of on the fence, so I thought I put it out there to see if anyone else wanted them. Any real details about them are a little fuzzy, besides the fact that they are "Danish Modern". I did call and talk to the lady yesterday and she confirmed that they are some sort of wood (wenge?) and the white part is ceramic. They really are 39" tall, which is a big lamp. The shades are the kind that clip onto the light bulb, so it would be easy to switch them out if you wanted to. It doesn't sound like she is going to budge on the price, as she has had quite a bit of interest already. If somebody gets these, let us know! I was also looking for kitchen appliances and found these two stoves for a good price. I think we really want to do a cooktop and built in oven, so will probably pass, but if anyone else is looking for a stove, check these out. They are both Jenn Air. The one on the left is a dual fuel and is priced at $600. The one on the right is gas only, but is only $100!


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