6 Emeco's for $340

200810090715 In case you didn't already hear the news, I just picked up 6 Emeco 1006 chairs from Craig's List. The original listing said it was 4 for $250 or $70 each. I placed the call and found out that John really had 6 for sale. I offered him $340 for all 6 and he was kind enough to agree. That's just over $55 each, normal pricing is $395 for one. I almost feel guilty for picking them up that cheap. Luckily John got them for cheap himself from a bar in Reno that was closing. He didn't tell me what he paid for them, but I got the idea that he wasn't really loosing money on them. They really are great chairs, light, bombproof, comfortable with timeless style. We don't have a place for them yet, but it has spurred us to get going on our kitchen remodel so we can actually have a dinning room table to accommodate them. If your looking for more good deals on local stuff, see the post above, or challenge Melissa to find you something good.

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