Affordable MacBook?


The latest Apple buzz online is the new 3G iPhone, which is twice as fast and half the price, but what I'm excited about is the price of a new MacBook. I have been wanting a laptop for a long time, but I have never been able to justify it. I finally needed one for school, so I started to do some shopping around. What I found is that you just can't beat Apples pricing. Their current "Back to School" deal is offering a free iPod Touch with the purchase of any qualifying Mac and they have a free $100 printer deal. That ads up to $400 of free goodies! Even better is the fact that I already have a iPhone, so I don't need a iPod touch, and I already have a good printer too. So I plan on selling both for cheap. Let's assume I get $300 for both, that makes my brand new MacBook cost $700 after an education discount. You can't beat that. Thanks Apple!

Anyone local want a cheap printer or iPod Touch?

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...