G Pure Energy

200702270636Some time ago I did a little wright up on Voss water. I had come to the conclusion that it wasn't worth all the money for the water, but the bottle was worth every penny. Recently though we did have a comment that stated they felt the water was far superior to the others.Voss has recently ventured into the energy drink market, and is taking a typical Voss approach to it. It's all about the image. They were nice enough to send me a couple of samples of their new G Pure Energy Drink. Their press packaging was beautiful, I felt more like I was opening a box of perfume, not an energy drink. The bottles are quite a bit smaller than even the smallest Voss water bottle. The 200 ml bottle had a nice shape to it and fit in the hand nice. At $2.99 a bottle it's not really more expensive than any of the other energy drinks, you just get a little less. As far as taste, maybe my taste buds are not quite refined enough, but I think I prefer a Rockstar. Still, you just cant beat G for looks.

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