The last wall

WalldemoThere certainly has been no shortage of demo on our little house. We have just one wall to go before we can start to patch things back up again, unfortunately this is a tricky one. The wall in question is the orange one shown in the plans to the left. First off, it is a structural wall, so when the final demo happens it will have to be carefully braced while a load bearing beam can be slipped into place. The second problem was that little green spot shown on wall "A". That was where our houses breaker panel was, making it impossible to tear down the wall until it was moved. This week I finally got around to moving the panel to spot "B" across from the bathroom. I took the chance to update the panel to a new one that can accommodate our addition. Everything went smooth, and I had it all switched out in one day. Now I just need brace the wall, finish the demo, and slip in a new beam. Pictures of the wall before and after shown after the jump.

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Dsc 0012-2 Before the demo.

Dsc 0013-5 The panel needing to be moved.

Dsc 0001 2-2 After the panel was moved.

Dsc 0003-4 The new panel.

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