Normal Clocks

If you haven't heard about Normal yet, then you have been missing out. They may have only been around for a year, but all their well deserved news coverage just goes to show that they have some great ideas, and products. The whole company was started with the idea of designing for the future. No we are not talking space aged plastic Jetsons style products, but good old modern design that considers the future of our environment. For example the Juice Clock($39) is made of reclaimed and recycled HDPE (mostly detegent bottles). The Square Daisy($59) is made of sustainably harvested carbonized Bamboo ply with formaldehyde-free, low VOC satin finish. Its great to see that someone is up to the challenge of making an affodable modern product that is eco-friendly as well.

Make sure you check out their Website for other cool products that are all as nice on the environment as they are on your eyes. They have a great funky Trashcan that is made from 99% recycled car tires that would look great out in the garage.

Via Treehugger

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