Turkish Peshtemal

turkish pestemalNewImagePsst.  Hey you. Can I tell you a secret? These towels are AMAZING, and I'm not just talking about the way they look.

At first glance I thought it was a nice scandinavian throw, but a quick read reveals it's actually a traditional Turkish Peshtemal, which is a bath towel. I've actually had a chance to use one of these before, and I can attest that the first time was life changing. Did I mention what a classy alternative these are to a traditional bath towel?

Turkish Peshtemal $26 from Bathstyle


Unison Home

unison home harbor throwunison sailor regattaIt's been a while since I have checked in with Unison home to see what is new. I'm always surprised at their solid selection of affordable duvet covers. The one that caught my eye today is the Sailor + Regatta Navy Duvet. It jumps on the whole parisian bandwagon that seems to be extra hot this summer. Also, I couldn't help but notice the Harbor Throw Blanket, but that is probably just because they had it sitting on an Eames Lounger. Still I'm always a sucker for a good throw blanket, and the white with contrasting red stitching is fantastic.

Unison Home

Carson Converse Studio

carson too quiltcarson too cardsHello there beautiful geometric shapes and colors. Yes, you do look fantastic both on that quilt and on those cards.

Carson Too makes some of the absolutely most beautiful modern quilts on Etsy, but if you don't have the funds for a big purchase you can still get in on the goodness by picking up a set of his greeting cards. I suggest getting some cards now, and starting saving for the quilt for Christmas. You deserve it.

Cards and Quilts by Carson Too on Etsy



Napkin - Nights, pale khaki

I just woke up after being up for over 40 hours straight, so I think it's only appropriate that I post about the Nights dish towel by Korea based Knife in the Water. About:

Inspired by vintage vera scarf design, they are the moons of many sleepless nights, dreams, and memories...

Screen printed on 55% linen 45% cotton with eco-friendly water-based navy & toffee inks.

Nights Dish Towel


Over the weekend I received a couple good Kickstart submissions that I wanted to share with everyone. The first one (shown in the video above) is Freakers.  Basically it's a knit sleeve for your beverage container of choice made with all sorts of fantastic colors and patterns. Sounds a little cheesy I know, but they actually look pretty cool.

Next up is a magnetic vase idea called Lusion Bloom. It's a vase that is held up by a magnetic vase that sits under a tablecloth. Pretty cool idea...

Love em or hate em, you can find out more on Kickstarter.


Carrie Strine quilts

Earlier this month I went to a fantastic textile themed art installation called Press Plush at GARFO Art Center (show runs through June 3rd) and ever since I have been really inspired by all things fabric. Along that same line, NYC based Carrie Strine happens to be doing some fantastic quilts right now, that I absolutely love. They are simple handmade quilts with a modern flair. They are being billed as everything from "Luxury Moving Blanket Throws" to "Linen Crib Quilt". To me they are all works of art.

Handmade Modern Quilts by Carrie Strine $150 - $350.

Angela Adams Home on Gilt

I love just about everything from Angela Adams, and I have been lusting after one of her fantastic rugs for a long time. Her more recent home collection is equally tempting and it looks like now might be a good time buy. Gilt.com currently has Angela Adams on sale.

If you haven't already signed up with Gilt, it's about time. It's free and you can find some great deals. Sign up here.

Angela Adams on Gilt

Scholten & Baijings :: Modern Tea Towels

I've written about Scholten & Baijings' fabulously colorful textiles before, though not on GRM due to the astronomical prices of most of their wares. Luckily, I spotted some new tea towels from the dynamic duo available from A+R Store for a pretty decent price - $32 for two. Not too shabby, right? Also, is it too early to start formulating a Christmas wish list?

Tea Towels by Scholten & Baijings available from A+R Store: $32 / 2

Design Studio: Tight Stool

Interesting things happen when you bring different modalities into furniture design. Belgium based Diane Steverlynck studied textile design but obviously has a knack for furniture as well. The Tight Stool shows her textile background as it uses different colors of thread to bind the pieces of the stool together. No nails, glue or screws are used, just thread. The end result is a simple, beautiful ash stool with a pop of color. Make sure you look at the photo's of the detailed joinery after the jump.

Available from bytrico.com for $225
(Site in Japanese but worldwide shipping available)


UK based Cushlab is doing some fantastically creative pillows out of felt. The texture and colors that Becca puts together really take things to the next level. All pillows are made out of wool/felt viscose and 100% wool. Sizing is standard so it should be easy to find a nice down insert. Pricing starts around £70.00 for the smaller sizes. Custom orders are accepted.


City Towel

Even though I grew up in rural Utah, I'm definitely a city guy. Perhaps that's my attraction to the City Towel from EVRT. Then again, maybe it's just because it looks fantastic.


A hand drawn urban city scene with warm gray lines and scattered lime green rooftops, on a 100% cotton light cream towel. Printed with non-toxic water based inks. This color version is a one time run.

City Towel from EVRT $15

Modern Textiles :: Oh, Little Rabbit

I have a bit of an obsession with textiles and tea towels, as you all know. So, I'm always on the lookout for cool new designs. Happily, I discovered Oh, Little Rabbit, an Oregon-based business creating playful printed textiles. Using screen printing and block printing techniques on organic cotton, they've created a whole line of products, ranging from pillows to napkins, tea towels to baby onesies. One of my favorite products is the set of Deer Mob napkins! Check out the full line of hand printed textiles here or here.

Modern textiles by Oh, Little Rabbit: $10 - $22

Craft Lake City 2010!

This past weekend Salt Lake City had it's second annual Craft Lake City event. Sponsored by SLUG, Craft Lake City is a celebration of alternative craft, and all things handmade. I was lucky to volunteer and I got to help cary in some of the great items. There was an amazing turn out from artists, and there was even music from great bands like Hello Amsterdam playing all day. After the jump you will see examples of work from my top 15 artists (in no particular order)

If you missed Craft Lake City, make sure you catch Craft Sabbath on the first monday of every month, and the upcoming Salty Streets flea market at Kilby Court.

(1) I really love quilts, and Jess from Urban Patchwork has some amazing handmade modern quilts and pencil holders.

(2) These beautiful belt buckles and jewelry from Bykali were amazing. The use of leaves and other random objects blew my mind.

(3) The Rookery had amazing art work on wood panels, as well as some equally beautiful bound books.

(4) Card Sharks had a wonderful assortment of printed cards and posters from various artists.

(5) There were some of the coolest little stuffed Ninja's to keep you kids safe. Rad Seams had all sorts of great sewn goodies.

(6) Speaking of stuffed toys. The polaroid friend and hipster friends from Lets Be Friends were great too.

(7) There was so much great screen printing there that it's hard to pick favorites, but there from Calamity Industries absolutely blew my mind. I think I need one of these in my house.

(8) It's hard to speak of printmaking in SLC without Leia Bell coming up. I first featured her on GRM a long time ago, and she continues to blow my mind with her fantastic concert posters and art work. Several artists are represented online and at her brick and mortar Signed and Numbered.

(9) Smart and Wiley was putting the letters in letterpress with these fantastic typography inspired prints.


(10) The world of Isabells Umbrella is an adorable place full of the cutest owls and Matryoshka Dolls you have ever seen.

(11) More amazing posters and prints from Potter Press.

(12) Ben Kafton also had some drool worthy hand printed posters, many of which had a strong architectural influence. I'm dying to get a couple of these on my walls too.

(13) There is something about Candace Jean's Giclee prints that I love. I can't quit put my finger on it, but her I just love her style. Prints are available online or in SLC at Blonde Grizzly.

(14) Sycamore Street Press had some great clever and cute letterpress goodies as well.

(15) I wished I could have bought one of everything I saw, but my one purchase I did make was this fantastic longboard by Earth Live Long Skates (ELLS). Not only is the art work great, but I'm inspired by anyone that knows how to make bent wood creations. In fact, in the spirit of bent plywood, I added my own little crafty embellishment in the grip tape. Everything is better with a little LCW.

Whew! There were so many more great things I wish I could have featured. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up and made it a great event!

Proud Mary :: Textiles

Based in South Carolina, Proud Mary is a textile company that firmly believes in the idea that good design can and should solve problems. From this motto, the socially conscious company works in conjunction with artisans in developing nations to provide a source of income as well as high quality goods. The product line consists of napkins, pillows, totes, and purses, all in bold, colorful patterns. My favorite print is "Quill", a beautiful blue fabric that is hand-printed using potatoes in a small cooperative outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

Textiles by Proud Mary: $15 - $110

Ikea Summertime

With summer just around the corner, it can only mean one thing. New items from Ikea! Summer will be bringing some new seasonal items, as well as some updates to current lines. A lot of these things are already in stores, I know my wife picked up a set of the snazzy red barbecue tools already.

Some of my other favorites include the funky bold African inspired VILMIE collection of pillows, curtains, and throws. ($7 - $30)

A nice update to an old line is the new colors for the KARLSTAD sofa. I swear I don't ever remember this little guy looking so good. I'm still on the fence about the leather version with the headrests though. ($499 - $899)

There are some great new colorful kids duvet sets as well. These things are just screaming summer. ($20)

So what is your favorite new item?

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...