Craft Lake City 2010!

This past weekend Salt Lake City had it's second annual Craft Lake City event. Sponsored by SLUG, Craft Lake City is a celebration of alternative craft, and all things handmade. I was lucky to volunteer and I got to help cary in some of the great items. There was an amazing turn out from artists, and there was even music from great bands like Hello Amsterdam playing all day. After the jump you will see examples of work from my top 15 artists (in no particular order)

If you missed Craft Lake City, make sure you catch Craft Sabbath on the first monday of every month, and the upcoming Salty Streets flea market at Kilby Court.

(1) I really love quilts, and Jess from Urban Patchwork has some amazing handmade modern quilts and pencil holders.

(2) These beautiful belt buckles and jewelry from Bykali were amazing. The use of leaves and other random objects blew my mind.

(3) The Rookery had amazing art work on wood panels, as well as some equally beautiful bound books.

(4) Card Sharks had a wonderful assortment of printed cards and posters from various artists.

(5) There were some of the coolest little stuffed Ninja's to keep you kids safe. Rad Seams had all sorts of great sewn goodies.

(6) Speaking of stuffed toys. The polaroid friend and hipster friends from Lets Be Friends were great too.

(7) There was so much great screen printing there that it's hard to pick favorites, but there from Calamity Industries absolutely blew my mind. I think I need one of these in my house.

(8) It's hard to speak of printmaking in SLC without Leia Bell coming up. I first featured her on GRM a long time ago, and she continues to blow my mind with her fantastic concert posters and art work. Several artists are represented online and at her brick and mortar Signed and Numbered.

(9) Smart and Wiley was putting the letters in letterpress with these fantastic typography inspired prints.


(10) The world of Isabells Umbrella is an adorable place full of the cutest owls and Matryoshka Dolls you have ever seen.

(11) More amazing posters and prints from Potter Press.

(12) Ben Kafton also had some drool worthy hand printed posters, many of which had a strong architectural influence. I'm dying to get a couple of these on my walls too.

(13) There is something about Candace Jean's Giclee prints that I love. I can't quit put my finger on it, but her I just love her style. Prints are available online or in SLC at Blonde Grizzly.

(14) Sycamore Street Press had some great clever and cute letterpress goodies as well.

(15) I wished I could have bought one of everything I saw, but my one purchase I did make was this fantastic longboard by Earth Live Long Skates (ELLS). Not only is the art work great, but I'm inspired by anyone that knows how to make bent wood creations. In fact, in the spirit of bent plywood, I added my own little crafty embellishment in the grip tape. Everything is better with a little LCW.

Whew! There were so many more great things I wish I could have featured. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up and made it a great event!

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...