Jack outdoor planter


I'm always interested to see what takes off on Kickstarter, and what doesn't. The Jack planter above seems like something that should be super successful. It's playing to the MCM vibe, filling a market that is relatively untapped (outdoor modern planters) and is reasonably priced. What's more, the campaign seems very transparent in that the majority of the money is going straight to the people actually building the things.  Last and not least, they only need $6,200 to be funded. That's not much for a kickstarter campaign.  Sadly so far it has only received $1,400 of funding and it only has 7 days left. 

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Jack planter

Firewood Trolley Storage

NewImageI'm working on doing some interior design for an upcoming convention, and while looking for a good outdoor table I came across this Firewood Trolley by Radius Design. At first I was just attracted to it's fairly reasonable price ($500) and the fact that it's made of steel and oak so it should hold up well. It looks great loaded up with firewood, but would be equally at home acting as an outdoor bar cart. What really impressed me however was its flexibility and the way you can stand it up vertically and use it for a bar height serving table. Available in stainless, black or white.

Firewood Trolley Storage cart $499






Tanner Goods : Sunglass Case


Over the weekend I got the first real taste of summer, spending some quality time on the back porch of one of my favoritelocal watering holes.  Unfortunately I found myself lacking a quality pair of sunglass, something I intend to change soon. While the exact pair I get is still up in the air, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they don't come in a case anywhere as attractive as this one by Tanner Goods. Made of Horween Chromexcel leather, they are burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with their signature mark. Perfection

Tanner Goods sunglass case $62


MAYA chair

NewImageIt may be entirely too early to start thinking about outdoor furniture, but a boy can dream of warm or warm summer days spent on backyard patios right? Despite it's slightly awkward shape, there is some sort of irresistible charm to the MAYA chair. The brightly painted expanded metal is the perfect material to hold up to the summertime elements, and stay looking new.

Have a favorite outdoor piece? Share it in the comments!

MAYA chair $300


Surf Boards :: Chandelier Creative + Saturdays

Chandeliercreative surfboardsSo, right, I don't know how to surf (if we're being honest, I barely know how to doggie paddle--WHAT?), but I love these surf boards so, SO much.  I mean, it's kind of absurd how much I love them... considering I don't surf.  Or swim.  Or live anywhere near a body of water that would warrant the use of a surf board.  But anyway, surf boards by Chandelier Creative in collaboration with Saturdays.  They're awesome.

Sole Bicycles

sole bicyclesI'm love a good looking bike and after an unfortunate encounter between my Trek District and a car I have been on the prowl for an inexpensive replacement. I first saw Sole Bicycles on Fab.com a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love. The look is spot on, with several different color combinations to choose from, and the price, AMAZING. Sole was kind enough to send me a bike to review, and while the weather has been a bit nippy lately, I have a good chance to put some miles in.

First, the bikes ship mostly assembled with just a bit of wrenching needed to get it all put together. The components were noticeably lower quality when compared to my District, but at 1/3 the price that is to be expected. The frame certainly looks and feels well made, so you always have the option of upgrading later. The bike comes set up as a fixed gear, but it is a flip flop rear wheel so you can easily turn it around for some single speed free wheeling if you want.  The bike only comes with a front break which seems adequate, especially when riding it fixed.

Overall I'm very happy with the bike, especially for my intended use (bar hopping). If you are looking for a series commuter and budget isn't a concern, it may be worth it to look at some higher end brands. For the casual rider or budget shopper, you can't beat the Sole.

Sole Bicycles $310


Modern Picnic

NewImageThe days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. If you haven't had a chance to have a picnic this year, I suggest you get it done quick. May I suggest this amazing white picnic set by Carina Ahlburg. Made of white melamine this durable and beautiful picnic set has everything you need for 4 people. Just add food and good company.

Picnic Set by Carina Ahlburg $81

Cast Iron fire bowl

cast iron fire bowlThe last couple nights the temperatures have started to cool off finally. Of course with the hint of fall in the air the first thing that my mind turns to is sitting around a fire pit on a cool night. This Cast Iron Fire pit from Design Within Reach caught my eye. It's Danish roots show through immediately. It's shape isn't all looks though, there are some clever things going on in there that make the fire burn even more efficiently. And did I mention there is a grill top option for it? Yep. Perfection.

Cast Iron Fire Bowl from DWR $465

or here for $400


NewImageNewImageModestwork is a dublin based design agency that is making some beautiful furniture. The Loft chair shown above (top) was featured at designboom stockholm earlier this year, and it's easy to see why. It is minimal, and beautiful. The jury is out as to just how comfortable it would be, but new concept (bottom) seems to address that better. Either way, I'm keeping my eye on Modestwork and expecting good things from them.


Beach Thingy

beachthingySummer is here and if you are lucky, that means one thing. The beach. I may be land locked in Utah, but that's not about to stop me from getting in some quality time laying on the beach this summer. Fab.com has an ingenious little beach chair called the Beach Thingy. It is essentially just the back of a chair that you can jab into the sand to make the perfect sandy lounge. It's lightweight, colorful, and best of all inexpensive.

Beach Thingy $14

Hotspot Notebook Grill

fire sense hot spotSummertime is here and it's time to break out the grill. Unfortunately for me my big grill I had isn't exactly conducive to loft living so my good friends are currently grill-sitting it for me. I still want to get in on the action though, so I've been looking for an ultra portable, inexpensive and attractive charcoal grill. While that sounds like a tough order to fill, I think that I may have struck gold with the Fire Sense HotSpot Notebook Charcoal grill. Despite having one of the longest, most awkward names, it actually looks pretty amazing. When not in use it folds down to 18 x 18 x 1. Yes one inch thin as Steve Jobs would say. All this for just $37. Not too shabby.

Hotspot Notebook grill $37 from csgrills.com

Modern Garden :: Terra Trellis

TerratrellisWhen it comes to modern garden accessories (well, everything MINUS planters), it seems the pickings are pretty slim.  So, I was pretty pleased to spot Terra Trellis, an offshoot of California-based TerraSculpture Studio.  Their collection offers re-imagined, modern versions of classic garden structures, including trellises, arbors, and tuteurs.  The hand-welded steel pieces are also available in 7 contemporary colors and finishes, from aubergine to oxide, white to kumquat orange.  With such beautiful craftsmanship, I'd consider these less accessories and more pieces of functional art!

Check out all the styles and options through the link below and let me know what you think!

The Circle Pot :: Potted

CirclePot 01I cannot tell you just how much I love this hanging planter from Potted!  It's perfectly mod, perfectly hip, and, well, just plain perfect!  This curvy little ceramic number is available in White, Aqua, Orange, or Avocado and comes with an 18" steel cord for hanging.  At 12" in diameter, it would look pretty swell on a tabletop, too (the hanging cord is removable).

Garden Wall Ornaments :: Flora Grubb

Wallornaments floragrubb 01Wallornaments floragrubb 02Call me crazy, but I am totally in love with these quirky little wall ornaments from Flora Grubb!  They're available in gold, red, orange, and lime.  Though they're sold as outdoor items, I can't help but think you could create a really cool installation inside with a few dozen of these.  (You might put quite a few holes in your wall, though...)  Where and how would you use these?


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