Sole Bicycles

sole bicyclesI'm love a good looking bike and after an unfortunate encounter between my Trek District and a car I have been on the prowl for an inexpensive replacement. I first saw Sole Bicycles on a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love. The look is spot on, with several different color combinations to choose from, and the price, AMAZING. Sole was kind enough to send me a bike to review, and while the weather has been a bit nippy lately, I have a good chance to put some miles in.

First, the bikes ship mostly assembled with just a bit of wrenching needed to get it all put together. The components were noticeably lower quality when compared to my District, but at 1/3 the price that is to be expected. The frame certainly looks and feels well made, so you always have the option of upgrading later. The bike comes set up as a fixed gear, but it is a flip flop rear wheel so you can easily turn it around for some single speed free wheeling if you want.  The bike only comes with a front break which seems adequate, especially when riding it fixed.

Overall I'm very happy with the bike, especially for my intended use (bar hopping). If you are looking for a series commuter and budget isn't a concern, it may be worth it to look at some higher end brands. For the casual rider or budget shopper, you can't beat the Sole.

Sole Bicycles $310


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...