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We at Postlerferguson developed the “Brotzeit” design proposal that is aimed to inspire decision makers in the airline industry to rethink their approach on how to deliver and serve meals to their customers and what kinds of products are being selected.

All foods can be supplied by local specialist manufacturers to the airline and packed into the Brotzeit boxes of each passenger. Every culture has a rich “on the go” cuisine of pre-prepared dishes, fresh produce, salads, pickles, conserves or raw foods. These foods are made for travelling and we believe future airlines should take advantage of this healthy and divers food culture – it`s Brotzeit!

By London based PostlerFerguson



Valentines Day

Valentines Day is here, and love is in the air. Or you are feeling a little extra lonely today and acutely aware of your single status. No worries. Either way we can still be valentines. I even got you a few things. Check out the delightful miniature moveable valentines dolls from Hollands Worth's shop on Etsy. (shown above)

In case you are wondering what to get me, head on over to Curbly for some ideas. They have a huge roundup of goodies in their handmade says I love you section, including several printable cards and other last minute ideas you procrastinators can still pull off.

Don't have anyone to give a gift to? Send yourself some chocolates and coffee from the Full Circle Exchange and enjoy the sweet taste of knowing they matched your purchase dollar for dollar with a donation to CARE.

Most of all, know that GRM loves you!

Valentines Chocolates

I went to a great slow food event last night called SLC Bites. Now today for some reason I'm feeling a little food obsessed. So I figured I'd share some links for my favorite food group. Chocolate. Besides, Valentines day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your affection for that special someone than some chocolate. Of course if that special someone is a designophile, not just any box of chocolates will do. May I suggest a box of chocolates from Valerie Confections in LA. The Commune Chocolates were a collaboration between Valerie Confections and Commune Design the brainchild behind the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and The Standard in New York. A box of 49 pieces will only set you back $49, and I guarantee it will be much more enjoyable than some cliched roses.

Commune Chocolates from Valerie Confections

More chocolate coated ideas after the jump.

Continuing in the chocolate theme is Richart chocolates which promise to be equally beautiful and delicious. They are almost so beautiful I wouldn't want to eat them. Almost.

Richart Chocolate (photo via)

Speaking of eating good chocolate, I've got to give some much deserved attention to the best chocolate I've ever eaten. Amano. They have won multiple international awards for their chocolate bars, and I was absolutely floored to learn that they are made right here in Utah. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bar or two to taste.

Amano Artisan Chocolate

Last and certainly not least is another plug for a local business. Here in Salt Lake City we have a great market and deli called Tony Caputo's. Rumor on the block is that they will be having a special Valentines Day tasting of Artisan du Chocolat a London based chocolate maker. Umm. Yes please.

Artisan du Chocolat chocolates

33 Stewart Ave Art Giveaway

I was daydreaming today about the amazing sale fares from SLC to NYC (under $200 round trip!) and I remembered the great NYC food cart series that 33stewartavenue did a while ago. I checked in on their website and I was excited to see they are currently having a giveaway. Full details are on their site, but the gist is you just have to "like" 33stewartavenue them on facebook.

Now who has a place I can stay at in NYC the first weekend in Dec?

Marie Belle Mod Chocolates

Looking for that last minute special something for that hard to shop for person? I was at Artichokes and Company today, and I saw these chocolates from Marie Belle. Let me tell you, I am not normally the type of person to get excited about some chocolates, but these were absolutely beautiful. Each individual chocolate had a different mod print on the front of it. I didn't actually taste any of them, but I hear that they are as good tasting as they are good looking. They have a holiday box set of 16 chocolates for $35 dollars, which is a little expensive for chocolates, but come on, it's Christmas. If you are feeling frugal like me, you could always go for the $7 box set of 2.

Available here.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...