Pantone Hotel

PantoneHotel 01Pantone housewares (ornamentstins, and mugs--oh my!) have been hot items for a while now, but did you know that there is an actual Pantone hotel??  For real.  It's in Belgium.  And it's full of colorful, Pantone-y goodness.  I'm not usually a "hang out in hotel lobbies" kind of person, but I might make an exception in this case.  Also, can you imagine what their gift shop is like?  Pantone heaven, most likely.  Check out more here.

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PantoneHotel 02PantoneHotel 03PantoneHotel 04PantoneHotel 05PantoneHotel 06PantoneHotel 07

Emmanuelle Moureaux :: Architecture + Design

EmmanuelleMoureaux 01

EmmanuelleMoureaux 02My little color-loving heart nearly exploded when I saw Emmanuelle Moureaux's portfolio.  This French-born, Tokyo-based architect has made a name for herself through her signature use of color.  Much of her work is in the commercial realm, but there are a few private residences that are worth checking out, so be sure to take a look at the rest of her portfolio!


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EmmanuelleMoureaux 03EmmanuelleMoureaux 04EmmanuelleMoureaux 05EmmanuelleMoureaux 06EmmanuelleMoureaux 07

Lotta Agaton :: Interior Stylist

Lotta Agaton is a Swedish interior stylist and blogger whose portfolio has me running a fever... a fever of love that is. Cheesiness aside, her work really is quite gorgeous and inspiring. I love this series she recently collaborated with photographer Pia Ulin (a fellow Swede and incredible talent) on. It's a fun juxtaposition of neon colors against raw wood, black, and white.

Check out more of Lotta's styling portfolio on Agent Bauer and for an extra dose of inspiration stop by her fabulous blog.


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Scandinavian Modern :: Bolaget

OK, I'm just going to be completely honest. I have no idea what this website says as it's all in Swedish, but my oh my does it have some gorgeous images. I've just been blindly clicking around and it's worked for me so far. Give it a shot.


If there are any Swedish speakers in the house, a little rundown about Bolaget would be greatly appreciated! As far as I can tell, it's some sort of real estate / property listing site (but way better than any I've ever seen before)..?

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Villa Amanzi

I think I just found heaven, and it turns out it's in Phuket Thailand. Designed by Hong Kong based Original Vision the home home is a combination of an amazing site and a thoughtful and thoroughly modern home. It's hard not to draw references to Falling Water when looking at the home.

Originally built in 2009 as a vacation home for a Hong Kong couple, the home is now rented out between their stays. $2,000 - $4,500 a night will get you an amazing home with 6 bedrooms (sleeps 12) and your own chef. While that price isn't cheap, for me heaven is just 11 friends and $166 a night away.

Who's in?

Villa Amanzi

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Marjon Hoogervorst :: Modern Interiors

Happy first-day-back-to-reality! Hopefully you all had a fantastic New Year's. I thought we'd take it a little easy on the first Monday of 2011 with a big heaping spoonful of eye candy. What do ya say? Yay? Fabulous. These visual treats come courtesy of Marjon Hoogervorst, a Dutch photographer with a love of (sexy) interiors and modern design. Take a peek at her images, and I think you'll see how her passion for great design shines through.


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[via emmas designblogg]

Dance Hall House :: Barbara Hill

I have been lusting over Barbara Hill's modern interiors ever since I first discovered her work (which, for the record, was last week). One of my favorite spaces is this restored dance hall in Marfa, Texas, which Barbara resides in about half of the year. It's a unique combination of South Western, Scandinavian, and Contemporary styles - and it totally, totally works for me. What do you think?


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P.S. Bonus points if you spotted a Felt Shade Light in this home!

Darco Magazine

Looking for a little eye candy to keep you busy as we go into Thanksgiving weekend? My friend recently turned me on to Darco, a portuguese architectural magazine that is available online. It has a decent online viewer, some amazing homes, and text in both english and portuguese. I really appreciate how it includes decent floorplans and elevations with every home so you can really get a good sense of the space. There are 16 issues available online for your viewing pleasure. That should just about get you through your post turkey stupor tomorrow.

Darco Magazine

Industrial design, architecture and more

Being the big technology nerd that I am I love to read engadget. While wading through pages of cell phone posts I came across this fantastic link to a Flickr page by Andreas Fuhrimann of the Swiss architectural firm AFGH . Besides being an amazing architect, Andreas has an amazing photographic collection of some of the best industrial design from the 60's and 70's. The goodness doesn't just stop there though. He also has some gorgeous architectural sets including some stunning buildings from Mexico and Brasil.

Oh, what's that you say? You wish he had some landscapes? Done.

Or maybe you prefer some gorgeous watches. Gotcha covered again.

Or how about vintage cars?

Mind = Blown. Thanks Andreas.

5860 SLC

Got a spare 1.2 million? Love modern and live in SLC? If you can answer both of these questions with a yes please contact me ASAP. For the rest of you, just come along for some wonderful eye candy.

This gorgeous 4,000 square foot modern home sits just above Salt Lake City on a 5 acre lot up Emigration Canyon. With a ICF construction, radiant heat, rainwater collection and a passive solar design this place is just as green as it is modern.

I haven't had a chance for a walk through yet, but from the pictures it looks like it has some great spaces and some absolutely amazing views.

For more info and pictures check out the 5860slc blog.


Mid-Century Revival :: Peterssen/Keller Architecture

How about some eye candy to ease you on into the weekend? After you're satisfied, don't forget to enter our Müzo Collectibles giveaway, which ends today! Now, lean back..

Elizabeth Close’s brilliant design for this classic 1963 split-level rambler lacked a direct connection from the main living areas to the site’s beautiful yard. A new spiral stair now leads from the living room to the terrace below without obstructing the facade. Inside, the kitchen’s ceiling was vaulted and a wall removed to open the space to the dining room, reflecting the important role the kitchen now plays in family life. A renovated eat-in kitchen and new mudroom provide modern amenities, while updating throughout the home brings a fresh, modern look that suits this young family.


[via Plastolux]

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Munge Leung :: Interior Design

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous work from Canadian interior design studio Munge Leung. I love the "House on a Ravine" project the most, which is a 7300 square foot home (designed by Taylor Smyth Architects) set onto a spectacular conservation area in Toronto. It won the 2004 Design Exchange Gold Award and the 2004 Best of Canada Award for Residential Design.

Check out the rest of their portfolio here, including some great commercial spaces. Meanwhile, more pics of "House on a Ravine" below!

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