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Evo Conf 12 ebaySo yesterday I had a chance to get back up to the Canyons to take some better pictures of the suite. The picture above is probably my favorite of the bunch. It's always great when you get to put two Eames Lounge chairs in a space. The Cush rug from BluDot is pretty great too.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Doing the design in the suite I had two big challenges. First to make it not look like just another Park City rustic hotel room. This was actually pretty hard to do. Above are two pictures that show what the space looked like when we started. The top one is from the exact same view as the first Eames Lounge picture. Which do you like better?

To start we did a lot of taking things out. All of the furniture was removed from the room as were the cushions on the built in benches. Curtains were taken down, doors were removed etc. We even took down some light fixtures. Stripping everything out made the space so much better. There was still a lot of rustic feeling in the form of knotty pine woodwork that I could get rid of, but I had a plan for that. Now I just had to fill the space up with something that looked good. That brings us to the second problem.

Everything I put in the room had to be eco conscious. Everything. Ebay has a little primer for buying green that became my mantra.

#1 Buy Pre Owned - The greenest product is the one that already exists. 

#2 Resource Saving - Do more with less.

#3 Sustainable - Materials Matter

Luckily I had some good guidance in this area from Zem of Ecofabulous. I generally think of myself as an eco aware guy but it's absolutely amazing how much more she knew about everything green. It was very educational for sure.  

So without delay, here is the rest of the suite, and what went into it.





Entering into the suite there was a big ugly closet that greeted everyone. I took care of it by covering it with a large white board and some Urbio containers full of succulents. Not only did Urbio just win best accessory at Dwell on Design, it's also made of recycled plastic (#3). To top it off Beau, one of the designers, is an incredibly nice guy.



Also in the front entryway was a little niche that needed to be filled up. I used a Way Basics shelf here (and in several other places in the suite) because it's super affordable and made of 99% recycled material (#3). I filled it up with items I found at local thrift stores (#1).


Around the corner there is a short hall that looks into the kitchenette which is just off the main room. It's not the best looking kitchen so I gave it a little shield with a GORGEOUS rosewood Eames screen (#1) and a flower arrangement.


The main room is dominated by two vintage Eames Lounge chairs (#1) a small tulip style side table (#1) sitting on a wool Cush rug by BluDot (#3).




The wood benches needed some sort of padding on them because we removed the horrible looking pads there were on them. I covered two of them with 1" thick felt  (#3) held in place with a rug pad. The felt is actually made of wool and recycled synthetic content (like recycled bottles). Pillows are fantastically eco friendly and come from Inhabit (#3). 


The other two benches were covered with wool Flokati rugs (#3) held in place by a rug pad. Lots more pillows from Inhabit (#3) too.


Also in the main room were two Way Basics shelves side by side that I filled up with vintage pieces (#1) and succulents. 


My favorite part of the shelf unit is a fantastic pair of white wooden clogs (#1) lit from above by the  Pablo Clamp Lamp (#2)(#3).


Speaking of lamps, I didn't get a good photo of it, but the Moooi Miyake table lamp (#2)(#3) is pretty fantastic as well although I do wish it put out a bit more light.




Perhaps my favorite piece in the room were the 6 Coventry Stools by Studio Dunn (#3). The are a nice little bit of eye candy for the room and they provide flexible seating or a convenient place to set a drink. Also a huge thank you goes out to the guys from Studio Dunn who built these 6 stools and shipped them to Utah with just a week or two of heads up. 



The last seating area is the dining table built in bench. Unfortunately I couldn't remove those cushions, but I was surprised that they didn't look as horrible as I thought they would. In front of the bench is a vintage Brown Saltman coffee table by John Keal (#1) lit from above by a Claudo pendant by Cerno (#2). The wall behind the bench was covered with raw Wall Tiles by Inabit (#3).


There were two good outdoor patios that I filled up with vintage Bertoia chairs (#1) a vintage teak bar cart (#1) Emeco 111 Navy chairs (#3) and Tom Dixon Offcut stool (#3).





Last but certainly not least was the green fashion room. I designed three literal Pinterest pin boards for attendees to use. The idea is they pick out outfits from the clothes in the room, pin them to the board, and share them on Pinterest. The person with the outfit that gets the most pins wins and iPad. You should be able to see all the outfits by looking for the ebaygreenstyled hashtag on Pinterest. 

Also in the room is the reclaimed clothes rack I designed. A few people have asked for more info on it, and I'll give a better DIY on how to make your own next week. 

Evo Conference '12 Sneak Peek

PhotoToday in Park City hordes of social media mavens are gathering at the Canyons resort for the 2012 Evo Conference. I hadn't even heard of the conference until this year, and while it's not really my scene (lots of mommy bloggers) I am super excited to be involved. The Ebay Green Team (bet you never heard of them either) asked me to help do the interior decoration of a suite they have at the conference. It's been an absolute blast to source furniture from some of my favorite companies (Moooi, Tom Dixon, Emeco, Studio Dunn, Pablo, Blu Dot) and to bring in some epic MCM pieces from some of my favorite local stores The Green Ant and Now and Again. Some of my favorite vintage pieces include 2 Eames Lounge chairs, a rosewood Eames screen (1 of 500 ever made) Bertoia chairs, a teak bar cart and more. I even had a chance to make a reclaimed clothes rack (above) out of a piece of wood used during the construction of the Brooklyn bridge. I'm hoping to get up there and take some more pictures of the rest of the suite tonight or tomorrow night. Stay tuned for more. 

Ebay Green Team

Evo Conference

book pots

201003290830.jpg 201003290830.jpg

Spring is the season to get your green thumb on. While there are an endless number of great containers to put your plant in, I am really liking this idea of using a previously loved book and converting it to a new home for a plant. The details of exactly how to pull it off are a little vague, but I'm sure a few of our readers that are handy with a whole saw could pull it off. If you do, report back and let us know how it goes!


Clothes Hanger Chandeliers


So, you have a bunch of wooden hangers, a bike rim, chain ring and a bunch of zip ties laying around. What are you going to do with them. The obvious answer for Organelle Design was to make a chandelier. I love repurposed design, and the Hanglier chandelier is no disappointment. Drop us an email if you decide to try you hand at making your own. Of course for those that aren't as brave, you can purchase a finished Hanglier from Etsy for $300.


The Solaris Collection


Last week Capree blogged about the new modern homes that are being built in the Utah super suburb Daybreak. The $206K price tag sounded too good to be true, so I had to go check it out for my self. I admit that I was pleasantly impressed. The homes themselves were well built and the majority of the interior details were well done. Interior surfaces were fairly high end, including nice glass tiles in the kitchens and bathrooms. The ikea interiors made me feel right at home. Overall they are an amazing feat for $140 a square foot land. Sure the .10 acres you get isn't a ton of land, but at the price point you really can't beat these house. As much as it might pain me to say it, these homes are probably the best example of affordable modern in Utah, maybe in the whole country. The biggest downside to the whole thing is the location. Besides feeling like you lived in a movie set (which really didn't bother me to much) the rather extreme south west location may be a deal breaker. To me it would mean an extra hour of commuting every day. To see lots more pictures and get more details head over to

Solaris Collection

More pictures on

IMG_8154.jpg IMG_8122.jpg


200906080751.jpg I don't have cats, and it's a good thing. I'm not sure I could handle the whole litter box thing. If I did have a cat, and did need a litter box I would definitely have my eye on this new one from ModKat. Combining both form and function this may be the best looking and useful litter box I have ever seen. It features "rooftop" access to help give you cat privacy and keep kids away from the place of business. Inside is a reusable liner to hold the kitty litter and a handy little scoop with integral brush hangs on the side. It's available in several colors and goes on sale this summer for $180. If you preorder before June 14 and use code modkat20 you can save yourself $20 off that price.

Available from ModKat for $160.

Come on cat lovers, tell me what you think....

200906080749.jpg 200906080750.jpg


Glass tupperware


My wife is an amazing cook, and I almost always have good homemade food to take to work for lunch. I have been looking for some decent glass tupperware for a while now for a couple of reasons. First I worry about what sort of plastic grossness is being leached into my food every time I microwave it, and second I am getting tired of tupperware stained by tomato sauce. The big problem is that many of the glass food containers don't have a tight seal, which would lead to a disaster in my bag. These Glasslock food containers from look like they might just do the trick. They have a silicone seal and snap locks to keep things were they belong, but are mostly made of glass.

Has anyone tried these? What do you put you leftovers in?

Available from $6 - $12 each.

Pilot Design

Picture 32.png

I sort of have a thing for wall clocks, not because I'm preoccupied with knowing the time, but because I think the design possibilities are endless! That's why I am so thrilled to share these awesome clocks designed by Keith Moore of Pilot Design. After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University, Keith moved to Minneapolis where he currently works as an interactive designer. He has been designing bespoke modern furniture for about 10 years, often using bamboo and other sustainable materials. Be sure to check out Keith's sweet portfolio at

Handmade, modern wall clocks from Pilot Design from $45 - $75.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...