200906080751.jpg I don't have cats, and it's a good thing. I'm not sure I could handle the whole litter box thing. If I did have a cat, and did need a litter box I would definitely have my eye on this new one from ModKat. Combining both form and function this may be the best looking and useful litter box I have ever seen. It features "rooftop" access to help give you cat privacy and keep kids away from the place of business. Inside is a reusable liner to hold the kitty litter and a handy little scoop with integral brush hangs on the side. It's available in several colors and goes on sale this summer for $180. If you preorder before June 14 and use code modkat20 you can save yourself $20 off that price.

Available from ModKat for $160.

Come on cat lovers, tell me what you think....

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Please excuse me while I pay some bills...