Plycraft Sr. Mr. Chair

plycraft straight 8We all know that a copy is never as good as an original, and generally speaking the thought of an Eames Lounge knockoff is about enough to get me into a rant, but I'm prepared to make an exception.  Over the holiday weekend (yay turkey!) I spotted this little guy at a friends house. It's just different enough from the Eames Lounge to make me like it, and I LOVE the bent plywood detail on the base.  The love affair was sealed when I could see the darkening of the wood where some loyal owners hand had rested on the sides while spending hours pouring over the local newspaper or a good book.

All photo's via Flatout Design.



Loop 3D wood chair

loop 3d woodI'm a big big fan of bent plywood, especially for chairs. I've seen a lot of good ones too, but I don't think I have ever seen one with as compound curves as impressive as this Loop 3D Wood chair. According to the website, all this magic is accomplished by "...special technology where the multilayer pre-treated 3D wood is bent to form a double curvature without breaking."

However they do it, it's hot.

Loop 3D wood chair


Offi flip stool

offi flip stoolI have mentioned before how much I love the whole Offi line of furniture. Well Design Public has them on sale, as well as a couple of other things. Some info about it from their website:

Furniture should do more, and this piece does -- with a simple flip. This highly functional hybrid sits comfortably throughout the home as a side table or a stool with storage. Available in walnut or birch.

I have to admit, I do like the look of it, and the whole storage factor is a nice twist. They currently have it for sale for $89, down from thier usual $129. They do have free shipping for orders over $100, so throw in a set of Inhabit Placemats and call it a done deal.

Bent Ply

I have always been a fan of bent ply furniture. There is just something about the way it looks, so natural and yet clean and fluid. To Charles and Ray Eames the bent ply technology embodied what this website is all about, affordability. They saw it as a way to mass produce well designed furniture, with the intent on making it readily available to the masses at an affordable price. Unfortunately for us, somewhere along the line the definition of affordable got skewed. But don't despair, many new modern designers have caught on to this technology that started in the 1850's and applied it to our times, and they haven't forgotten about affordability. One such designer is Eric Pfeiffer. I first descovered him while reading his latest book "Bent Ply: The Art of Plywood Furniture" which is a must have for any bent ply lovers. In it he covers the process of designing and manufacturing his Wave Desk. He has done some great stuff while with Offi, and lucky for us, Target has picked up a big piece of the Offi line, all of which are quite affordable.

Here are some example of his wonderful, and affordable works.

Wavos Table Eric Pfieffer The Wavos Table $79 and Scoop TV Stand $99. offi flip stool The Flip Stool $89 and Magazine Stand $89.

The Overlap Tray $99.

Way to go Target for delivering quality design at an affordable price.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...