Paraleelos Shelves

NewImageI'm always on the lookout for creative shelving solutions. This one comes from a collaborative design based out of Mexico called Masiosare Studio. The Paraleelos shelves are formed by two vertical ladders that hold the horizontal cross pieces. Smaller square shelves can be placed wherever needed. Originally designed for the Estudio in San Ángel project, they are now working on mass producing the piece.  More information as well as a video is available on their website.

Masiosare Studio


Reclaimed Shelving Unit

NewImageI love these simple industrial/vintage looking bookshelves. The material pallet is simple and straight forward, as is the construction. Blake Avenue seems to have hit the nail firmly on the head, although the $1,150 price tag does seem a little on the high side. That being said the rest of his Etsy shop is full of great looking custom furniture that falls in the same industrial/vintage vein, and I'm always a fan of paying a little more for a truly custom piece.

What do you think about the price? To high? To Low? Just right?

Reclaimed Shelving Unit $1,150


IKEA Hack :: Raw Wood Expedit

ExpeditikeahackI had this exact Expedit bookcase in my old office (along with a million other people), but I never liked the door and shelf inserts that were available from IKEA.  If it were still in my possession, I'd be more than half tempted to try this raw wood door hack that Karla Jean Davis and James Abercrombie shared recently on IKEA Hackers.  What do you guys think?

Hay Curiosity Box

NewImageOK, I fully admit that the only reason I like this shelf is because it has pretty things on it, but that's not so bad right? If your shelves are for displaying your objets d'art, then what better way to do that than to have a shelf made of clear plastic.  Works for me.

Hay Curiosity Box

curiosity box

Noon Studio :: Steel Stool

steel stool prototype

NewImagePure genius. Simple genius that is. Noon studio has a fantastic stool prototype that can also double as a modular shelving unit. What get's me the most about the design though is the simplicity of the construction and the materials. Steel and oak held together with some simple joinery and tension.

Lot's more photo's after the jump. Make sure you check out the closeup of where the wood and steel meet. Lovely.

Noon Studio Steel Stool



Key Shelf

keyshelfI thought these key shelves were a pretty novel idea. The shelf gives you a spot to empty your pockets as you come in the door, and it has a groove cut into it made especially for hanging your keys. Simple, intelligent, practical.

Key Shelf $25


shelf frameThis shelframe just shot right to the top of my list of "why didn't I think of that" ideas. About:

The shelves are designed to occupy a space normally reserved for a framed picture or painting, and they act so as to frame compositions of everyday objects.

The cable tension allow the shelves to support heavy objects while the silicone pads create a self-securing system that grips the wall as the shelf becomes loaded. This also means that the shelf does not tilt to one side if heavy objects are placed unevenly.


I especially appreciate the smaller details of the shelf like the semi recessed balls on the ends of the cable, and the joinery between the sides. For the record, this shelf and a monkey hook would make for the quickest installation ever.



Lots of pics after the jump.


ADAPT Shelving

If you have a home with any non straight walls, finding shelving that fits the space can be a challenge. Until now.

The ADAPT shelving system is a prototype of a modern and contemporary piece of flat pack furniture. The shelf shows signs of versatility, spontaneity and adaptability. It consists of a rigid metal frame structure, movable timber slats, bookends and optional hooks. ADAPT’s applications are enormously versatile.

ADAPT Shelving designed by Max Fommeld

Separation Shelf

I could have used a couple of these last year.

The separation shelf is a shelf designed for couples that live together. It is built of a 2.5 meter oak lumber with grooves every 10 centimeters and four metal supporters. In regular mode the supporters are inserted into the groves, and serves both as hangers as well as book supports that divides the shelf into different areas. When the couple separates, the supporters are used as working tools which can break the shelf into two parts each partner takes his/her share (that is not necessarily equal) of the common property.

Doomed marital bliss aside, I think it's a fantastic simple and attractive shelf. More pics after the jump.

Separation Shelf

DIY Shelving inspiration

Just to show that shelving doesn't need to be complicated, here are two DIY looking projects that I have come across lately.

The first one uses some simple wooden ladders as a support for the cabinets. I'm thinking that you might be able to find something at Ikea to help you pull it off.

Shown above is the Container System 1530 by Postfossil. Made of simple plywood boxes that are held together by standard foldback paper clips. Pretty simple. Once again,you might even be able to pull off the same look with some simple boxes from Ikea.

More here:

Container System 1530 by Postfossil

Modular Multi-Ladder Step Shelf System

Hive Storage Unit :: CB2

Unique storage solutions always get me going and the new Hive Storage Unit from CB2 is no exception! Modular (it's stackable up to two high and infinitely expandable) and playful, this would be perfect for just about any area in your home: living room, office, kid's room, etc. I'm thinking it would be great in our guest room, though I'd love to figure out a way to get it up off the floor and mounted to the wall! What do you think? Are you diggin' on the Hive as much as I am?

Hive Storage Unit from CB2: $79.95

P.S. This baby was the winner of the Coup de Coeur award at the 2009 Maison & Objet show in Paris. So, it's got that going for it, too.

Six Mix Modular Cubes

These modular storage cubes are made from zBoard, a water-resistant, recycled paper product made from almost 99% post-consumer waste. Light weight, yet sturdy, each cube holds up to 50 lbs. The Six Mix storage system is available in six different colors to mix and match to your heart's content: white, green, orange, espresso brown, and cedar wood. These would be perfect for a kid's room, don't you think?

Six Mix Modular Cubes available from Re:modern: $140 for a set of 6

New from Ikea

I can't believe it's almost time for new stuff to start showing up at Ikea. Here is a sneek peak of some of my favorite new items that will start showing up at your local Ikea starting in February. Some of these things will only be seasonal, but hopefully some will stick around for longer than that.


New versions of the classic POANG will include a Lounge chair ($229) and a swivel base ($89).


I wish there was a better picture of this SJOVIK table ($279) and buffet ($399). I love that the buffet has the same pattern as the Ikea PS rug. Both were designed by Eva Lilja Lowenhielm.


At only $129 the SVALBO solid wood table looks like an absolute steal. The sideboard table that matches will only set you back $79.


There are some great new lamps too from $13 - $59.

DIY pipe shelving


I am in love with this DIY plumbing pipe shelving project from Brickhouse. We have a big white wall that has been begging for some shelving for a while, and this might just be the ticket. Made of off the shelf plumbing parts and some stained pine planks, this shelving unit makes a big statement without costing a lot of money. The fine folks at Brickhouse spent about $200 on the one shown here, and have been kind enough to share a complete list of all the parts and pieces that went into making it. Make sure you check out the before and after pictures to see what a dramatic effect it has on the room.

Brickhouse DIY pipe shelving.


Modernica's Biggest Sale EVER


Holy smokes!  Modernica is having a ginormous, one-time warehouse sale on Saturday, July 18th in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Nearly everything will be on sale - case study shelving, fiberglass shell chairs, even George Nelson lamps. This promises to be a big event, complete with DJs, clothing designers, antique dealers, etc. etc. If you're not in California, you can still take advantage of select deals online from 7am - 7pm. I'm super stoked because I'll actually be there that weekend! Granted it's a family vacation, I'll do whatever it takes to get to this event - even if it means ditching the fam at Disneyland and hitchhiking to LA.

What: Modernica 20th Anniversary Sale
Where: 7th & Alameda
When: Saturday, July 18
From: 10am – 4pm



Moduture1.png Moduture is an up-and-coming furniture design line headed by the talented husband and wife duo Brady and Charlotte Wilkinson. Charlotte will be unveiling her new collection at this week's CA Boom Design Show, June 26 - 28. Though the collection is small (only three pieces so far), it is loaded with options: a bookcase with movable slats, a coffee table that transforms into a puzzle table, and a stackable cabinet with interchangeable covers! All her pieces are beautiful and have a certain timelessness that I think will appeal to a lot of different modern design lovers. If you're in California this weekend, be sure to stop by and check out Moduture in person. As an added bonus, Charlotte is offering a discount code for CA Boom tickets: enter code "MOD" to receive $4 off your ticket price.Moduture2.png All photos by Jessica Peterson


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