Moduture1.png Moduture is an up-and-coming furniture design line headed by the talented husband and wife duo Brady and Charlotte Wilkinson. Charlotte will be unveiling her new collection at this week's CA Boom Design Show, June 26 - 28. Though the collection is small (only three pieces so far), it is loaded with options: a bookcase with movable slats, a coffee table that transforms into a puzzle table, and a stackable cabinet with interchangeable covers! All her pieces are beautiful and have a certain timelessness that I think will appeal to a lot of different modern design lovers. If you're in California this weekend, be sure to stop by and check out Moduture in person. As an added bonus, Charlotte is offering a discount code for CA Boom tickets: enter code "MOD" to receive $4 off your ticket price.Moduture2.png All photos by Jessica Peterson


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