NEW: Rugs from Blu Dot

BludotrugsIt looks like modern furniture maker Blu Dot has expanded its offerings to include a new line of wool and cotton rugs!  The stand out player here is definitely the Last Newspaper rug: a unique flooring option made from recycled newspaper woven into cotton.  Other series include shaggy Cush and woven Dash rugs.  All styles are available in 3 sizes and multiple colorways.  Check out the full collection right here.

Edward Fields Carpet Makers

Edward FieldsDo you believe in love at first sight? I do, and I am officially in love. At NeoCon I was literally dashing down hallway after hallway trying to find anything that caught my eye.  While on one particularly boring floor, I was heading for an elevator when I caught a splash of color out of the corner of my eye. A quick glance over my shoulder stopped me dead in my tracks as I found myself staring at this amazing rug by Edward Fields. Pictures in no way do it justice, but it was absolutely stunning. In fact, the whole showroom was. Edward Fields has been around for a long time and has been used on amazing projects like the Glass House, TWA Flight Center, Hollyhock house, The White House, and hopefully someday, my house.

More showroom pics after the jump.

Edward Fields

Edward Fields Eward FieldsEdward FieldsEdward FieldsEdward FieldsEdward Fields

Angela Adams Home on Gilt

I love just about everything from Angela Adams, and I have been lusting after one of her fantastic rugs for a long time. Her more recent home collection is equally tempting and it looks like now might be a good time buy. currently has Angela Adams on sale.

If you haven't already signed up with Gilt, it's about time. It's free and you can find some great deals. Sign up here.

Angela Adams on Gilt

Custom Carpet Tile Rug

Check out this custom rug from Flickr member Red Jet Whistle! Using Flor tiles, some creativity, and one extra-sharp utility knife, she created a playful and graphic area rug that looks downright fabulous. I love it. Have you created a custom rug of your own using modular carpet tiles in a unique way? Or, have you seen any other creative ways of using carpet tiles? Share in the comments!

Semi-related tangent: I got the newest Flor catalog in the mail this week. Best. Ever. All that color was killing me! Did you see that awesome kitchen/dining room or this fantastic living room?? I've got serious color envy. OK, the end. I just had to get that out.

Bjork Rugs

It's pretty much a known fact that I'm a total sucker for textiles. So when I saw these rugs from Swedish designer Lena Bergstom, my eyes widened and my heart did that little fluttering thing it does when I get super excited about something. And then I let out what might have been an audible squeal.

The Bjork Rugs have such a beautiful textural quality, the result of weaving cotton and wool fibers together. Aptly named (Bjork is Swedish for Birch), these rugs definitely call to mind those beautiful trees. The designer explains, "I've been inspired by the rough black and white trunk which has a strong graphical presence and a unique structure. The leather edging alludes to the inside of the bark."

While these rugs certainly aren't cheap, the quality and beauty far surpasses anything you might find at your local IKEA. Plus, hello, leather edging. That's just fancy.

Bjork Rugs by Lena Bergstom: $250 - $750

Flokati rugs on Gilt

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record about Gilt, but they just keep on having amazing deals. I just picked up two 3' x 5' Flokati rugs for $158. A little stitching and that will make one nice big rug for an amazing price! The rugs are hand woven 100% New Zealand wool. Approximate pile height 3 inches and contains 50 grams of wool per square inch for comfort and insulation. Available in 2.5'x8', 3'x5', 5'x7', 7'x9' and 8'x10'.

You need a personal invitation to sign up for Gilt. Get yours here!

DwellStudio Baby Rugs


Why should becoming a parent mean that you have to compromise your own sense of style? Products for your baby are a part of your life and home. They don't have to be disposable or an aesthetic after-thought. Good design is important for even the youngest members of your family.


I couldn't say it better myself! I don't have kids of my own yet, but knowing that companies like DwellStudio exist and are challenging the idea of what kid/baby products can and should be is certainly a comfort.

Mod Parents: what are some of your favorite modern baby/kid lines? Share in the comments!

DwellStudio Baby Rugs available from Design Public: $200 - $550


New 2010 IKEA Catalog


I got the new 2010 IKEA catalog over the weekend, which is always an adventure. There are a ton of great new items as well as new, lower prices on some old standbys. The catalog is available online if you haven't received the hard copy yet. I'm fond of the Stockholm Figur rug (pictured/pg 236) as well as a few of the new vases and candle holders. Go check it out and share some of your favorite new pieces with us!

2010 IKEA Catalog

Flor - find a face rug


I'm a big fan of Flor tiles, in fact we just bought a bunch for our sons room downstairs. Flor recently announced a new collection based on the wonderful photography of François Robert who is known for finding the soul in everyday objects. It looks as if there are only two find a face tiles at the moment, each with nine images of everyday objects that look like faces. Still, with only two variations the photo above shows that you can still pull off a pretty sweet looking rug. A six tile rug (3 x 5) will run you about $180 which works out to just over $11 a square foot.

Available from Flor

200907080715.jpg 200907080715.jpg

Affordable Area Rugs on Overstock


Left to right: Hand-tufted Metro Fuscia Rug (5'3x7'7) $190, Hand-tufted Abella Rug (7'9 Round) $290, Hand-tufted Zoom Rug (8'x10'6) $315

I was browsing Overstock the other day to see what they had in the way of modern/contemporary area rugs, and I have to admit, I was surprised at the selection. Although I think I'm still holding out (and saving up) for an Angela Adams rug, there were definitely a few that caught my eye. As always, Overstock's prices are quite affordable - an 8x10 foot, hand tufted wool rug for $300?? Yes, please. If you're in the market for a rug, or in need of a quick, budget-friendly room makeover, definitely check out the area rugs at Overstock.

Contemporary Rugs from - $10 - $1800 depending on size and material

New Ikea Textiles and more...


Besides all the new summer products that Ikea has come out with, they also have introduced some other great new stuff. While the products run the gamut from baking goods to sandbox toys I was most impressed by all the new textiles like the CECILIA fabric shown above. Other textile favorites include the MYSKMALVA twin duvet cover set that sells for an amazing $7.99. The KAJSA TRAD cushion cover is also pretty sweet with it's bold black and white scandinavian abstract patterns.

MYSKMALVA twin duvet cover set

KAJSA TRAD cushion cover

Check out the rest of the highlights after the jump. What's your favorite?





More CECILIA designs $2.99/yd


SARALISA fabric $8.99/yd



BESTA in white and walnut, is that new?


LUSY BLOM rug for $39. Not quite doing it for me.


LUSY duvet cover, really not doing it for me.




Loving the new melamine and silicon kitchen goods!


Typically I find the wares offered by Chiasso to be a little overpriced (you can usually find the same item elsewhere for a lot less). That's not to say the whole store is overpriced or even expensive in the grand scheme of modern home furnishings. In fact, there are a few nicely priced, "exclusive" items that I can't help but covet. I think my favorite item out of everything they have is the Tripod Planter - it's just plain cool! If you spot anything you've just gotta have, act now! They're currently offering free shipping on orders over $100.

All items available from

Chiasso1.png Top: Spirale Pillow - $58, Blox Bench - $498, Lulu Rug - $348-$698
Bottom: Geo Doormat - $38, Milo Planters - $48-$78, Tangle Rug - $198-$598

Chiasso2.png Top: Cube Planter - $55-$75, Mod Pillow - $38, Convex Blox - $168
Bottom: Mingle Rug - $198-$598, Tripod Planter - $148, Riviera Doormat - $38

CB2 - I will give you my first born child!

I love CB2. In fact, I'm pretty sure after a rough night out I signed away the rights of my first born in order to obtain their entire collection - past, present, and future. I got the new catalog this week and, Brady can attest, spent a good deal of time drooling, wiping, and drooling over every page. It's really hard to narrow it down, but here are a few of my favorite new products:

Picture 44.png
platform coffee table - $399
Equal parts Scandinavian and Mid-Century, this sexy coffee table is making me blush!

Picture 47.png
calla dinnerware - $3.95 - $21.95
The organic form of this dinnerware is refreshing!

Picture 48.png
pleat pillow - $36.95
Bold color and bold texture are an A+ in my book!

Picture 49.png
midtown rug - $299 - $599
I'm pretty sure I've been to this city... This rug is nutty and I love it!

Picture 52.png
lamina dinnerware - $2.50 - $4.95
Not one to shy away from color, this dinnerware is right up my alley!

Did anyone else get the new catalog? What are some of your favorites?

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...