Typically I find the wares offered by Chiasso to be a little overpriced (you can usually find the same item elsewhere for a lot less). That's not to say the whole store is overpriced or even expensive in the grand scheme of modern home furnishings. In fact, there are a few nicely priced, "exclusive" items that I can't help but covet. I think my favorite item out of everything they have is the Tripod Planter - it's just plain cool! If you spot anything you've just gotta have, act now! They're currently offering free shipping on orders over $100.

All items available from

Chiasso1.png Top: Spirale Pillow - $58, Blox Bench - $498, Lulu Rug - $348-$698
Bottom: Geo Doormat - $38, Milo Planters - $48-$78, Tangle Rug - $198-$598

Chiasso2.png Top: Cube Planter - $55-$75, Mod Pillow - $38, Convex Blox - $168
Bottom: Mingle Rug - $198-$598, Tripod Planter - $148, Riviera Doormat - $38

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...