Kittypod Geodome

Kittypod geodome 01This geodesic-shaped habitat is made of superior grade durable recycled cardboard and features two points of entry/egress as well as an interior scratch deck for clawing and nesting. It's generously proportioned, easy to assemble, and stackable with integrated tab connections.  Mostly though, I just like the product photo of the cat on top of the stack.  It may even warrant a caption contest...

Yummy Bowls :: Sleepypod

Yummybowl sleepypod 01I spotted these colorful travel bowls recently on (my favorite dog-related blog) Dog Milk and had to share!  The concept is pretty brilliant: the base is a spill resistant bowl for water, the lid a snug-fitting bowl for food (that keeps everything leak-free).  On top of that, there is a lid for the food bowl that can also function as a third bowl in a pinch.  Like I said, brilliant.

Bambu Pet Hammock


Unfortunately for me, I don't have a dog any more, but if I did I would seriously be considering this dog bed by Pet Lounge Studio. The Bambu Pet Hammock is not only one of the most original dog beds I have ever seen, its definitely one of the better looking and more practical. As with any kickstarter project, it only goes into production if enough people support it, but with already $10,000 pledged and 22 days to go, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this one is almost a slam dunk for getting funded.

Bambu Pet Hammock on Kickstarter.


Hybrid Furniture

chair doghousedoghouse chairmodern doghouse chairDog owners rejoice! Mans best friend can now rock with the best of them.

The idea behind this Hybrid Furniture design by Paul Kewton is to combine the "old school rocking chair and doghouse to generate a hybrid "furniture" that combines the idea of shelter and body relaxation and pushes its functionality to a different, more personal level."

I think it's a great looking chair, but I can't imagine my 70lb golden doodle fitting in there, or putting up with any rocking going on up top.

Paul Kewton Hybrid Furniture

Modernist Cat

I post a lot about dog products (what can I say, I'm biased), but I thought I ought to give the cat lovers amongst us something to smile about, too! Enter Modernist Cat, a Seattle-based design studio bringing the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic into the realm of dual-purpose pet furniture. From end tables to stools, each piece functions as a beautiful hideaway, play area, or den for your feline friend. Handcrafted from Russian Baltic Ply, each item is made to order and built to last. Be sure to check out all the available designs here or here.

Modern Cat Furniture by Modernist Cat: $199 - $299

Mod-Dog Shop

This one goes out to all my fellow dog lovers! Show off your puppy pride with one of these fun prints from the Mod-Dog Shop. Choose from one of the many breed-specific prints, or commision a custom print created from one of your own photos. Either option is available in 18 bold colors, with or without framing.

Quick Poll: What breed is your canine friend?

(I'll play, too. Our pup Wrigley is a well-mustachioed Miniature Schnauzer!)

Prints by the Mod-Dog Shop: $20

Modern Pet Camper :: Judson Beaumont

Who says Fido doesn't have dreams of cross-country road trips to various "World's Largest" attractions? (Imagine his delight at seeing the World's Largest Shoe!) Judson Beaumont keeps this dream alive with his doggy-sized, Airstream-inspired pet camper! I'm not sure if this is available for purchase yet, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Made of fiberglass and aluminum stainless steel.

Pet Camper by Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs

via Dog Milk

Martha Stewart for PetSmart

I know, I know, I know. MARTHA STEWART. I'm just as shocked as you are, trust me. But hear me out.

While wandering aimlessly and killing time in PetSmart the other day (who does that??), I spotted a new line of pet products from Ms. Stewart. That beguiling blue called my name and I couldn't resist. When I arrived at the thoughtfully conceived display, I was greeted with an array of well-designed, reasonably priced products that I felt compelled to buy. Though I resisted the siren song and later walked out of the store empty handed, I have to admit that the attraction was there. From double feeder bowls to food scoops to feeding mats, every product had a decidedly clean, modern aesthetic. Martha Stewart for the win.

You can get a glimpse at some of the products online, though they are only available for purchase in-store at this time. Check them out if you can; I would love to know what you think!

Martha Stewart for PetSmart: $3.99 - $24.99

Collapsible Pet Bowls :: Popware

With the weather turning nice, we've been spending a lot more time outdoors with Wrigley. Our first hike up the canyon made us realize that a) our dog gets really thirsty, really fast and b) we need something better than an awkwardly sized tupperware container if we're going to be doing this with any amount of regularity. This travel bowl from Popware seems like the perfect solution. Not only is it collapsible (less than 0.5 inches thick!), but it easily attaches to a backpack or leash. And, at under $10, I might even consider getting a second one for the car!

Available in two sizes in either turquoise or pink.

Collapsible Travel Bowl by Popware: $7.99 / $9.99

Molly Mutt Dog Duvet

Ah, there's nothing to make you feel better about life than to reduce, reuse, and recycle while simultaneously creating a comfy spot for your furry friend. At least that's the idea behind these dog duvets from Molly Mutt.

Just fill one of the "Stuff Sacks" with old blankets, worn out clothes, or pillows that have seen better days. Then choose from one of the many stylish duvet covers, and you've got yourself one smart looking (and smartly designed) dog bed! Fido is sure to love it, since it will be filled with smells of home and his favorite people. An added bonus is that the cover, and the cozy contents, are machine washable. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Dog Duvets from Molly Mutt: $20 - $45 / Optional Stuff Sacks: $10 - $15

[via Dog Milk - the newest site in the Design Milk family!]

Dog Bowls from GO! Pet Design

GOpetbowls.png GO! Pet Design's bowls and feeders are not only aesthetically pleasing, they're also eco-conscious. Whether you choose the Driftwood Bowl (handmade in Brooklyn out of locally reclaimed wood) or the Upcycle Elevated Bowl (made from reclaimed PVC pipe) you can feel even better about feeding Fido. If you've got the skills, you may even want to try creating your own version of the Driftwood.

Driftwood Bowl: $29 - $49 Upcycle Elevated Bowl: $25

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...