NewImageI love this simple design that uses no hardware to be put together. Designed by Matthias Ferwagner the table can be summed up by the following.

To express it minimalistly:

5 bars

1 table top






stumpI've had my eye one these Stump stools from Kalon Studios for a while now, and I can honestly say that they are growing on me more and more. In fact, they may even be moving from the "want" list to the "need" list. At $85 a piece for a unique hand made wood stool, I also think they are a great deal. I secretly want to try my hand a making a set myself too. Don't tell.

Stump $85

Smart Woodhouse Coat Rack

smartwoodhouseChinese design firm Smart Woodhouse seems to know a thing or two about clean minimalist design. Their work which is composed mostly of beech wood furniture with rounded forms has more of a Scandinavian feel to it than the more traditional angular mimiimalism of the east. The end result however is a simple, warm and beautiful. Now if only there was a way to get a hold of their stuff stateside. I would gladly pay $520 Chinese Yuan ($80 USD) for that coat rack.

Smart Woodhouse


Minimalist Blocks

geo blocksdesignomatWhat better way to start a Monday than with two sets of minimalist blocks from across the pond.  The top photo shows Russian made Geo Blocks, which includes a set of 7 wooden blocks painted white. 7 too many for you? The how about the Swiss designed Designomat blocks. Comprising of only 3 blocks, they can be rearranged to form endless shapes. Geo Blocks (via)

Designomat Blocks (via)

Braille Rubik

Braille RubicI once had a Rubik's cube and I spent a long time learning how to finish it. This Rubik's cube definitely takes it to the next level, that is assuming you don't know Braille. Let's be honest though. If you had this, it would do the exact same thing that most Rubik's cubes do. Just sit around.  At least it would look good doing it.  Speaking of sitting around, this prototype will be sitting around MoMA NY, starting in July and will be on display until November 2011.

White Braille Rubik's Cube prototype

Bote toy boat

Big game studio has recently designed a new series of toy boats called "Bote" for Portuguese based Materia. I have a deep love for simple children's toys, and this cork boat with white plastic mast absolutely nails it. The mast is removable, and there are other boat designs that are interchangeable. Beautifully simple and brilliant. More pictures after the jump.

Photography by Julien Chavaillaz

mo + mo living

I'm not an interior designer. I wish I had some sort of formal education, but instead I just go by gut feelings. That's why I love it when fantastic interior designers like Michelle Wentworth share simple, effective rules that can make our homes better places. Enter Mo + Mo Living.

Mo+Mo Living combines the pared back aesthetic of modern minimalism with a considered way of living. By sharing ideas, design, and resources we hope to inspire our readers to live more simply and to create and find beauty in the everyday. We believe in considered living and that the everyday experience is enhanced by thoughtful choices; having fewer things, investing in well-made products, simplifying our environment, surrounding ourselves with beauty, eating clean and fair food.

Full of great photo's and advice Mo + Mo Living is a must read website for any modern lover, especially those fond of minimalism. Make sure you check out their blog too.

Mo + Mo Living

White Christmas

Now that Halloween is over I can officially start talking about Christmas right? Or do I have to wait until Thanksgiving is over?

I'm not usually the annoying guy that is whistling Christmas songs in July, but today thanks to West Elm I'm quietly humming a White Christmas. For 2010 they have a new collection of white modern Christmas decorations. To make the deal even sweeter, the majority of them are priced under $25 and $5 of the purchase goes to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Musical Objects $24
White Ceramic Owls $9-$16
Origami Banks $22-24
White Owl Sugar Shaker $14
Nutcracker Serving Platters $8-$24
White Nutcracker $24-$59

O Clock

Made in Italy? Check. Sleek white minimalist design? Check. Water resistant? Check. Priced under $50? Double check. The O Clock watch manages to look great, be functional and cost less than dinner and a movie for two. I guess you know where to find me on date night ... at home admiring my new watch.

O Clock watch $36.

White Porcelain Jars

My obsession with anything white and porcelain continues, and this month it appears that it is sponsored by Sprout Home. They have a couple great new items including these porcelain jars that look like tin cans. Sure the whole "I look like a (insert misc common item) but I'm made of porcelain" craze is getting played out quick, but I still fall for it every time. Prices on these beauties are $12 - $15. If you are feeling a little more obscure, you may be more inclined to pick up a porcelain milk carton for $14.

Available from Sprout home.

Cubic Timer


Sometimes I like innovative ideas even if they don't make a whole lot of sense. For example I happen to think this Cubic Timer designed by the Japanese collective IDEA would be a great timer, even though it can only count down from 3, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. While it may not be real versatile, at least it's easy to set. As soon as you set it down with the number facing up it starts to count down for you. Did I mention it comes in three different colors, orange, white and yellow?

Cubic Timer from A + R for $34

Obleeek Objects

200912310920.jpg 200912310922.jpg

Concrete is a great material, it's inexpensive and when done right it can look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the hard part is the doing it right. Luckily the folks at Obleek Objects know to get it done. They have a special blend of volcanic ash and portland cement that makes their concrete planters 40% lighter than traditional concrete. Not only is it lighter, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Their modern concrete planters come in sizes from tiny to x-large and cost between $45 to $200+. They also have a lovely assortment of tables and bird feeders.

Obleeek Concrete Planters available from Feel More Human starting at $45.

Price too steep? I double dog dare someone to try this as a DIY and share your results with the group!

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...