Schnapps Set

paper boat lighthouse scnaupps setOk, first, I have absolutely no idea what a "Paper Boat Lighthouse Schnapps set" is. Paper boat? Really? Second, I really really wish that I hadn't read the whole lighthouse part. I liked it a lot better when I just thought of it as a white scandinavian looking carafe with a bold stripe of red. Faults aside, it really does look nice, especially if you pretend I never mentioned anything nautical, and for $29 you really can't go wrong.

Schnapps Set $29

Crafted by Urbancase and Teroforma

teroforma sidebar teroforma sidebar glassesOne of the most fantastic things I saw at ICFF was called Crafted by Urbancase and Teroforma. It is a collaboration between, surprise,  Urbancase and Teroforma.  Urbancase made the amazing sidebar liquor cabinet show above, and Teroforma made matching barware to go with it. They had a matching geographic pattern which was etched into the glasses and laser cut into the wood cabinet.  The end result is absolutely stunning. I'll let the photo's speak for themselves. Lots more after the jump. Urbancase and Teroforma Sidebar project

teroforma sidebar teroforma urbancase sidebarteroforma sidebar glassesteroforma urbancase sidebarteroforma urbancase sidebar

Carafe + Tumblers by Arian Brekveld

We've been big on carafes here lately, which is probably due to the fact that summer is a ragin' and it's SO HOT EVERYWHERE. So forgive our one track minds; all we can think about is quenching our thirst. And why not quench it with a sexy carafe like this one by Arian Brekveld? This double-walled, stainless steel number is sleek and minimal. Melamine tumblers stack perfectly with one acting as a simple lid. Cool. (Though, a bit on the pricey side.)

Carafe + Tumblers set by Arian Brekveld: $89

Fin Handle Earthenware

I popped into Urban Outfitters the other day to check out any new home good they might have when I spotted these mid-century inspired pots and mugs. I love the available colors and the pretty, two-tone design. The overall shape and feel was quite nice, as well.

The coffee pot is available in lime and the tea pot in red, but the mugs are available in four coordinating colors: black, red, lime, and slate blue. Check them out in person if you can, or order online. The mugs are currently on sale! Made of glazed earthenware.

Fin Handle Pots + Mugs: $16 pots / $8 mugs (currently on sale 2 for $10)

Iousen Pot


Just under a year ago I blogged about a gorgeous water pitcher that DWR had just gotten. I have been in love with the look of it and finally got around to getting my own, although not from DWR. This iousen pot came to me from Merae and I have been putting it through it's paces for the last couple of weeks. From a visual standpoint it certainly doesn't fail to impress. I was a little curious to find out how the whole filtration part actually worked. It really doesn't seem to "filter" in the sense that the water has to pass through anything. The Iouseki stones and Binchotan charcoal are just suspended in the water. According to Merae;

The stones come from the mountains in Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan coast. The charcoal is specially prepared for potable water use, and also works as a deodorizer to create odor-free water.

I can attest to the great taste of the water. It has a fairly strong mineral taste to it that I actually really like. My wife thinks it's a little too strong. We all agree that it looks great.

Available from Merae for $82

Radiator mug

200812160756Lets admit it, when winter comes sometimes there is noting better than coming out of the cold to a nice hot drink. If it's cold enough the best part is just warming up your hands on the mug. These gorgeous Radiator mugs designed by Stephen Reed are made just for that. The fins disperse the heat and help prevent your hands from getting too hot. The mugs are made of white bone china and look absolutely stunning. Available at Zinc Details for $27. Via Remodelista

Circa Ceramics

200812110710I am really loving these playful ceramic pieces by Circa Ceramics. Based in Chicago, Circa Ceramics is a collaborative effort between the brilliant duo Nancy Pizarro and Andy Witt. Together, they create fun and functional dishware, cylinders, bowls, and magnets - or as they say, 'porcelain goodies for the adventurous entertainer'. These pieces are sure to add some excitement to your dinner table or that perfect pop of color you've been looking for. More about Circa Ceramics:

Circa Ceramics is a two-person (Andy Witt & Nancy Pizarro) studio that came to be in the fall of 1999, when we began designing a line of tableware with an emphasis on functionality, color, and fun. Our specialties lie in the shape design and the decoration - consistent, usable shapes with the liberty to mix and match the ware with regards to design elements and color. We hope you find our ware exciting to look at, as well as useful! We continue to create pieces in our north-side Chicago studio, and our work is available to the masses primarily through Etsy,art festivals and the occasional open studio weekend.

One of a kind, handmade ceramics from Circa Ceramics from $8 - $350. 200812110710-1

SG Blocks Container House

200809300742 Last week was the start of West Coast Green, a yearly conference on green building design and construction. There were lots of big names there like David Suzuki, Sarah Susanka, and Al Gore. Perhaps one of the most significant things to happen this year was the showing of the SG Blocks container house. Constructed of used Shipping containers, the house was erected on sight in just four hours and 47 minutes. In following with the theme of the conference, the home was thoroughly green throughout with FSC certified woods, solar panels etc. Besides the amazing rate at which the home was built, I was amazed at the stated per square foot price of $150, which includes "all the bells and whistles". If that number is true, then this shipping container home is truly an amazing combination of aesthetics and affordability. I would love to see if the interior is as well designed as the exterior.

Via Inhabitat SG Blocks website Designed by the Lawrence Group

Possum Furniture

200806240744Roscoe Jackson may be a new kid on the block, but they have some of the best looking sustainable furniture I have seen in a long time. The new Possum furniture collection is made of 100% HDPE (from milk jugs and such) and stainless steel fasteners. This results in a chair that is both sturdy and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The design reminds me of Bludot's Barabarella line of furniture, which is a good thing. While the Possum furniture may not be as cheap as a Ikea plastic chair you at least get the satisfaction of knowing that you money is supporting both an environmental cause, as well as a great startup design firm.

Available from or Sprout home from $198 - $285.

Green and Associates B1 Cup

Who says a plastic cup can't look good. Though these B1 cups might have a grown up modern look, the sturdy plastic makes them a great option for kids. Each cup is made of a white hard plastic exterior and a softer brightly colored interior. They are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, and each cup stands 4" tall and 3" wide. Just to make things a little easier they are microwave and dishwasher safe. They are $7 each, which is quite a bit more than my plastic Ikea tumblers, but then again, they do look quite a bit better! Plates and bowls are available as well. Available from Rose and Radish for $7.

New Boon Products

 Products Images Fluid MainBoon is one of my favorite kids accessory companies. Not only do they make stylish and well thought out products, their price points tend to be quite competitive. That's why I was excited to see that they have lots of new products coming out soon. Everything from jewelry and clothes to feeding accessories. Shown above is "Fluid" their no spill Toddler cup. I love it's two handed design and simple organic lines. No idea on pricing yet, but it's due to come out in October, so we should know soon. Stop by their website and check out their clothes line too. They have some really great stuff.

Stanley Outdoor

 Img Produktbilder 400 290930A couple of weeks ago I was at the outdoor retailer show looking for cool new product designs. One of the products that I came across while I was there was a Stanley 16 oz vacuum drink bottle. They were kind enough to let me take one home for product testing, and I have to say I have been loving the design. It has a very convenient twist open top that you drink from. My favorite feature though is that all the pieces of the top actually come apart for cleaning. With my other pop top thermos I felt like I could never get that stuff as clean as I wanted to. Personally I that think it looks pretty good in matt green and orange. Available from Stanley for $30.

Beaker Juice Glass

200704250634Everyone remembers dixie cups, those cheap thin plastic cups that we would whip out for picnics and parties. My grandpa used to have a little dixie cup dispenser in his bathroom for getting a drink. These Beaker Juice Glasses from CB2 have all the retro style of dixie cups, but they are made of heat-tempered, chem lab beaker glass, so they will hold up to the continuous use and abuse that would make a plastic dixie cup shudder in fear. Available from CB2 for $1.95

Double Walled Oil and Vinegar Pourer

 Products Medium 29544.27E463EcWe use a lot of olive oil around our house for cooking. It didn't take us long to decide that we needed a smaller container than the gallon jug of oil that we have laying around. We ended up getting a cheap inexpensive oil pourer from Ikea. While it does it's job well, it is not nearly as attractive as these oil or vinegar pourers from Ichendorf. These beautiful italian carafes are hand blown and available in different shapes and sizes.

Available from Unica Home from $18-$22 Comments? Post them here in the forums.

Voss Water

200609051015The other day I was at the farmers market, and I was dying for something to drink, so I wandered over to Tony Caputo's looking for a something not sweet and refreshing. I came across the Voss water, and as always was entranced by the beautiful glass bottles that they come in. So I finally pulled the trigger, and bought a 4 dollar bottle of water. I justified it in my mind by telling myself that I wasn't really buying a 4 dollar bottle of water, but I was buying a 4 dollar modern glass jar, that just happened to be filled with water. Lets be honest, thats the real reason I was buying it. So, how was it? Pretty much tasted like water to me, maybe next time I will have to try the sparkling kind. On the good side, the bottle really was quite nice, and I am sure I will find many uses for it in the future.  

ORE #1- Sigg

Sigg-BlueSigg-Summer-Shadow Sigg has been making water bottles since 1908, so I figure they have had some time to perfect things. The fact that they use epoxy coated aluminum bottles has recently caught a lot of attention since some studies have show that plastic Nalgene bottles can leach harmful chemicals. That means the Sigg bottles are safer to drink out of. Personally I can tell a difference in the taste too, especially after having orange juice in the Sigg for the day, when you wash it out the water tastes like water, not orange water. Perhaps what I like the best about Sigg is their good eye for design. The two bottles shown above are my wife's and mine. The blue (mine) is a soft touch baby blue, which has a nice powder coated type of paint job. Matte and sexy. My wife has the nice orange graphic print on hers. Both have a nice active bottle top, which means the water only comes out when you need it. No hands needed.

Sigg also has some really nice small insulated mugs, which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to do a write up on them. They are really beautiful.

Check the Sigg home page on sources where to buy.

“Revolution” Glasses


If you haven't been able to answer the age old question of whether the glass is half empty or half full, maybe these "Revolution" Wine/Water Glasses are for you. Depending on which side you choose to be up you either get a 8 oz or a 5 oz drinking glass. I can't help but think that they would make a great vase as well. Designed by Felicia Ferrone, these Italian made glasses are sure to be great conversational pieces at your next party. The price is a little steep at $40 for a set of two, but if you think about it, it's almost like getting four glasses right?

Available from for $40

Gallery Carafe

GallerycarafeI don't know what this carafe has to do with a gallery, but Crate & Barrel was right on when they described this Gallery Carafe as "... sculptural minimalism". Simple and elegant this carafe is just the thing to fancy up your kitchen, whether you are using it for a fine wine or kool aide for the kids. It is handblown in Slovakia, which sounds pretty fancy if you ask me. The price is pretty right on too, only $19.

Available from Crate & Barrel.


While I am mentioning great retro looking design, I thought I would put in a good word for notNeutral. They are certainly not the new kids on the block. They are a division of Rios Clementi Hale Studio's which was founded by Mark Rios in 1985. They are an amazingly diverse company with designs from bags to furniture to glassware. Their website is definately worth checking out, as most of their prices are quite resonable. Ever since I was in the phillippines, I have been looking for hip retro glassware like I found there. Just the other day I stumbled across some nice notNeutral glassware over at Velocity Art and Design, and it was exactly what I was looking for. They have a great half-tone meets tetris pattern on them, and are available in Red, Apple Green, Light Orange, Dark Orange and Acid-Etched for the minimalist's.

Available here for $24 for a set of 4.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...