Iousen Pot


Just under a year ago I blogged about a gorgeous water pitcher that DWR had just gotten. I have been in love with the look of it and finally got around to getting my own, although not from DWR. This iousen pot came to me from Merae and I have been putting it through it's paces for the last couple of weeks. From a visual standpoint it certainly doesn't fail to impress. I was a little curious to find out how the whole filtration part actually worked. It really doesn't seem to "filter" in the sense that the water has to pass through anything. The Iouseki stones and Binchotan charcoal are just suspended in the water. According to Merae;

The stones come from the mountains in Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan coast. The charcoal is specially prepared for potable water use, and also works as a deodorizer to create odor-free water.

I can attest to the great taste of the water. It has a fairly strong mineral taste to it that I actually really like. My wife thinks it's a little too strong. We all agree that it looks great.

Available from Merae for $82

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...