Furni Kendall


I've been a big fan of the guys from Furni for a really long time, so it's exciting to see that they still have some great new products coming out. The latest is this gorgeous Kendall Portable Speaker. This thing may look old school, but it's got bluetooth, and an accessory audio jack, lithium batteries or a wall plug, and 2 shielded speaker for your favorite tunes. Coming April 1.

Furni Kendall speaker


Mint BRAUN PC 3 SV Turntable

NewImageI've been designing a bookcase for my new home and in anticipation of it being finished I was looking for a good turntable to compliment it. Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a link to this mint Braun PC3 turntable, and by mint I mean BRAND NEW. The PC 3 SV is part of the famous SK4 or "Snow White's coffin" that Dieter Rams" designed for Braun back in 1956. Despite it's relatively expensive price ($500 for a 50 year old record player) I couldn't resist the temptation, and I'm happy to report I'm the new owner of this beauty. Despite the fact that it's absolutely pristine, I do plan on playing records on it, and hope to give it the life it's been waiting 50 years to live. I'll be sure to update everyone when my bookshelves are finished and this beauty takes center stage.

Braun PC 3 SV (also listed on Etsy)



Hello headphone heaven!

I have a few weaknesses in life, felt, bentwood furniture, and my until now unconfessed obsession with headphones. I currently have a half dozen kicking around the house, and it looks like I'm going to have a couple more. Urbanears get's all the details just right. Available in a rainbow of solid colors, fabric covered cord, microphone with iPhone controls, and even a clever "zound plug" that lets you share with friends. All that for just $60. Swoon.

Urbanears headphones.

One Less Drop

We are big fans of Kickstarter here at GRM. It helps put great ideas together with the monetary support they need to come to fruition. One project that is in need of some funding is One Less Drop. No it's not a water conservation project, but a cable management idea from Dean Heckler, designer of the One Less Desk series. Dean makes elegant aluminum products that compliment any Apple geeks home. In this case, One Less Drop keeps your power cords for macbooks and idevices from sliding off your desk. If this is a problem that plagues you, pledge $25.

One Less Drop $25

Puzzle Alarm Clock :: bitplay INC.

I found this alarm clock a bit puzzling at first (har har), but once I made sense of it, I realized it's quite clever! Though it's technically an alarm 'clock', Puzzle doesn't really function as a minute-to-minute clock - its sole function is as an alarm. You set your wake-up time by constructing the numbers "stroke by stroke" on the front face. Once you've created a valid time, a small light in the upper corner of the clock lights up as a confirmation that the alarm is set. To turn it off, simply remove part of any digit (or push the button on top, but that's not nearly as fun). A slightly more engaging way of managing your time!

Learn more about the Puzzle clock here.

Juice Box :: Blu Dot

Well, it looks like I just found my design Kryptonite: walnut and felt in the same product. Thanks for the sudden case of wobbly knees, Blu Dot. Thanks a lot.

One outlet, multiple electronic thingamajigs to plug in, let the Juice Box help balance that equation. Mitered walnut box with felted wool removable top tames the tangle of cords, while concealing a power strip of your choosing.

Juice Box by Blu Dot: $99

Grove artist series cases for iPhone 4

Antennagate got you down, or are you just worried about scratching up your new iPhone 4? While I personally think that the industrial design on the iPhone 4 is gorgeous, and shouldn't be covered up, if you have to at least get something creative and artist designed like this engraved bamboo case from Grove. They currently have 17 different styles each by a different artist.

Grove iPhone 4 artist series cases $89

Tocky Clock :: Nanda

Remember Clocky, the roll-away alarm clock? Well, looks like he's got a new little brother! Meet Tocky, the newest alarm clock from Nanda. Like his counterpart, Tocky won't hesitate to do his job. Jumping from your nightstand and running away, this little clock makes sure you get out of bed when you're suppose to. There is also an internal microphone, allowing you to record whatever sound you think will help with your case of the snoozes. You can even upload mp3s and listen to your favorite tracks while Tocky rolls around your room. And, a touch-screen makes setting your alarm super easy. Available in aqua, kiwi, orange, or white interchangeable "skins".

Tocky by Nanda Home: $79

Spore True Doorbell


None of the houses I have owned have ever had a doorbell. Maybe it's time to change that. While I haven't been a huge fan of Spore's doorbells in the past, their new doorbell "True" may be changing my opinion.

True bridges the gap between modern and traditional design. An all-metal push button is surrounded by a thin halo of LED-illuminated color, which also reflects against the mounting surface. Designed to fit well with residences built from 1900 on, True comes in several finishes and three illumination colors, as well as a non-illuminated option. Substantial in feel but narrow in diameter, True mounts well to narrow doorjambs and other tight applications.

Make sure you check out their "Ring" doorbell chime as well. I love the simplicity of it.

Available from Spore.

Anyone else have a favorite doorbell or chime?

Silicon Switches


Wall switch design has remained fairly static over the years, with a few exceptions every now and then. This fact may contribute to the seemingly radical nature of these new Silicon Switches from Normal Design. A prefabricated push switch hides beneath a cover of raised silicon. Pushing the raised area activates the switch. Whether you like the design or not, it's a good sign of things to come. Here's to mundane objects entering the scope of good design!

What do you think of the Silicon Switch? Space age-y and weird? Ground breaking and fresh? Share your thoughts!

[Currently, the Silicon Switch is available only in Japan.]

Node Electrical outlet


I'm fascinated when people are able to rethink old ideas and come up with something completely new. The Node electrical outlet was designed to address the issue of not enough wall sockets. It's unique design allows you to plug in multiple two pronged cords. While I'm not sure that it is really any more practical than your traditional electrical outlet (it may be less practical really, no three prongs here) you can't deny it looks better.


If anyone finds out if these are available stateside, let us know.

Available from Metaphys

Tube Amp Beauty

200910120744.jpg 200910120744.jpg

I have a thing for high end audio equipment, especially anything that involves tube amps. Shown above is a beautiful prototype tube amp that was designed by Koichi Futatsumata of CASE-REAL for a Japanese electronics manufacture Elekit. While I haven't been able to ferret out any pricing yet, or even find out if this thing has gone into production, I have my fingers crossed. If if is anything like the rest of Elekits DIY tube amp kits, it promises to deliver great sound at a comparatively inexpensive price.

If anyone has more info, please let me know.


Koichi Futatsumata & CASE-REAL

Lexan sale


I've always been a fan of the simplistic style of Lexan products, and I have been tempted to buy some things like the tykho radio in the past. The only thing that has stopped me is that the pricing seemed just barely out of the affordable range. Because Lexan is scaling back it's line of product Unica Home has some great deals on Lexan items. Discounts are from 30% - 40% off which brings the tykho radio down to $32! Now that's what I call affordable, now the only question is do I want blue or green?

Lexan 30% - 40% off at Unica Home

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...